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  1. mikevisek

    Brown Diatoms & Cloudy Water

    I have a 55 gal fish only tank that uses a wet/dry filtration system. It seems that I am always having to clean the glass, crushed coral substrate and equipment to get the brown diatoms off. Initially I used snails to combat the problem, but they just don't last very long. Currently I have a...
  2. mikevisek

    Sick Flame Angel

    I have a 55 gal fish only tank. One flame angel, one purple tang, one percula clown, one banggai cardinal, one fiji devil, one cleaner shrimp, one snail, and about half a dozen hermit crabs. The water tests are perfect: specific gravity 1.023, ph 7.3, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5. The...
  3. mikevisek

    Live Rock & Coral Questions

    Currently, we have a 55 gal fish only tank with crushed coral & shell substrate, a few fake plants, an ornamental rock, a fake tree stump, a Flame Angel, a Banggai Cardinal, a Percula Clown, a Cleaner Shrimp, a few Hermit Crabs and a couple of Turbo Snails. I am considering going to live rock...
  4. mikevisek

    Midas Blennie

    I just picked up a Midas Blennie from my lf store. It isn't nearly as yellow as the pictures I have seen of it. It is about 4 inches so I assume it is an adult. The yellow is kind of subdued, almost pale. Will the fish regain it's color after settling in, or is it as yellow as it's going to get.
  5. mikevisek

    Is there a salt water tank cleaning fish?

    I have a 55 gal fish only tank with a flame angel, clown fish and cleaner shrimp. I would like to add a fish that cleans the bottom of the tank and glass if there is such a fish. Kind of like an algae eater for a fresh water tank. I had five snails, but they didn't last more than a couple of...