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  1. green wolf

    I need help with a undulated trigger!!

    What size tank would i need for him to keep him happy and healthy?
  2. green wolf

    A shark ???

    Is there any shark that i could keep in a 55gallon tank?
  3. green wolf

    I need help form any and all experts!!!

    I have a 38Gallon and want to put a undulated trigger in thee as a lone pet will it work?
  4. green wolf

    Help me please loinfish and other experts!!!

    OK i want a Undulated trigger in a 38gl as a lone fish ... will it work?
  5. green wolf

    my new tank

    i have a 38 gallon tank gallon salt water fish tank with nothing in it (except a small amount of rock and a deep sand bed). I want it to be mean as heck... what can i put into it.