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  1. jennythebugg

    my kitty is no longer ''GRANDFATHERED'' in ?

    awwww mannn guess it's avatar shopping 4 me and prolly a few other folks too. any suggestions for a new one?
  2. jennythebugg

    First public performance tonight

    I am so nervous,we are performing a semi acoustic set. we've only been doing one of the songs for 4 days( its i'm yours by jason mraz) and joey by concrete blonde or wicked game by chris isaac ( still up in the air about which one of those we will do). my stomach is turning blech. it will...
  3. jennythebugg

    Any of our newer members from the west texas area?

    just wondering... ?
  4. jennythebugg

    tell me whats new with you

    I have only been able to get on for a few minutes at a time so i wanted a thread for us all to ''catch up'' in. As for me, a couple of friends and I decided to open a tattoo shop ,theyve been tattooing for a while now and I am apprenticing on piercing ( not sure if it's my bag yet lol) April...
  5. jennythebugg

    pretty kewl video

    just thought some folks would dig this
  6. jennythebugg

    Happy birfday lion crazz !!!!!!!

    Hope It's a good one !!
  7. jennythebugg

    Snow day

    we got like six inches of snow last night us desert folk dont know how to react to all this cold white stuff so EVERYTHING is closed down
  8. jennythebugg

    opinions needed

    i painted these for a friend who is doing their nursery in dr .seuss they are supposed to be kinda abstract but maybe they look kinda like a 3rd grader did them . should i chuck them and get a traditional gift ? and dont lie, if you hate it i need to know cause i dont want to give a crappy gift...
  9. jennythebugg

    why so angry everybody ?

    i think everyone needs to step back take a deep breath in then let it out slowly. maybe have a drink or 2, roll one if ya got it. chillllllllll. can't we all just get along
  10. jennythebugg

    Happy birthday dragonzim !!

    another candle on the cake ay old man ?
  11. jennythebugg

    Happy birthday nina&noah !

  12. jennythebugg

    Pat Robertson jeez what an a$$
  13. jennythebugg

    OH my Freaking God

    My 16 year old just told me she was pregnant. I tried so hard to tell my girls how tough it is being a teenage mom...anyone got some advice cause all i really wanna do is cut his @#$^ off and cry before i hang myself.
  14. jennythebugg

    links/ads ?????

    since when have certain words here been links to stuff ? i saw it this morning on the ink thread the word ''ink'' and just now on the minivan thread the word Chrystler(sp) is it just me ? has the site been hacked? or just sold out
  15. jennythebugg

    Lets See Those Costumes !

    What are you all going to be for Halloween, Ya doing anything cool ?
  16. jennythebugg

    omg ! hahahaha lololol ...sorry had too it was too funny
  17. jennythebugg

    Who here has been to Israel ?

    My folks were just given a 16 day trip to go and stay on a kibbutz and do mitzvahs all day. anyone been ? got any pointers? can my dad purchase a shofar there and bring it back on the plane or will he have to mail it? and btw i get the house to myself(me and the kids that is) so time to...
  18. jennythebugg

    Cooking for large groups

    I have begun cooking Oneg on Saturdays for my Dads Messianic congregation. Currently there are around 50 - 60 people that show up. what sounds good to you ? No pork products please ( for the kosher esque folks) or lamb ( i refuse to cook it out of princpal ) Today I made thanksgiving...
  19. jennythebugg

    weekend fun

    so I helped host my parents lock in at their church on friday night - (brought the rock band and rocked timmy and the lords of the underworld lol ) sang karaoke till my throat bled and just as i was about to leave when some of the kids started to go to sleep my dad informs me that i cant go...
  20. jennythebugg


    putting my beautiful fat cat to sleep , she has had cancer and has taken a turn for the worst