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  1. snap32

    40 Breeder update with pics!

    Well i tried to take some pics of my tank with a crappy camera so here we go! u can actually see my frogspawn splitting!
  2. snap32

    t5 retro question

    Hey everyone, I have a 4 bulb Wavpoint t5 retro fixture. The fixture does not give me the option to run 2 bulbs at a time, only all 4. My question is could it be possible to add a switch into the wiring where i was able to shut one bulb off and on?
  3. snap32

    New 40 breeder

    Just set up a 40 breeder tank, nothing is final at this point and i still need some more live rock. The lights i have is a 36" wavepoint retrofit 4 bulb. Live stock is as follows: 3 chromis 1 hawkfish 1 tiny blue hippo tang (my friends he belongs in 90g that is getting resetup) 1 6.5" clam neon...
  4. snap32

    Light my 40 Breeder

    Just wanted to see what lights ppl are using on their 40 Breeders..
  5. snap32

    Updated pics of my 20 long

    Some various stuff, feel free to comment
  6. snap32

    zoa ID plz!

    Here are some pics of some of the zoas in my tank. My camera sucks but it gets the job done. In the first pic, the skirt is a little more neon green than it shows..And in the second pic the skirt is actually really really yellow, then purple, then a neon green center. Thanks for looking!!
  7. snap32

    how to get rid of Spionids polychaete

    Anyone have a clue to get rid of these? i have a ton of these little worms on a rather large piece of live rock, they dont bother me but they are starting to spread like wild fire..
  8. snap32

    ID type of coral plz

    This is the newest piece in my tank, just not sure what exactly it is called. My camera isnt the best, but it works.. thanks for looking!
  9. snap32

    ID plz!

    Ok guys i dont have a picture, i have only this guy twice... He seems to be a crab. he hangs upside down and has fins on his arms and hands.. appears to be filter feeding.. I will get pics as soon as possible
  10. snap32

    Snap32's New 20g Long Tank Diary

    Good evening everybody, after realizing i would like to have a small reef tank for my bedroom i decided to go with a 20 gallon tank. Below is equipment list and wishlist. Thanks for looking and keep comments coming! Equipment i have so far: Current USA Sundial T5ho 30" 4 bulb 96watt fixture...
  11. snap32

    new lights!! yay!!!

    I just bought a 30" sundial t5ho for my 20g long tank. It has 4 bulbs for a wattage of 96 and built in timers, also include night led's. Pics to come when I get home!!
  12. snap32

    lights for 20g long ??

    What lights should I get for my 20g long ? I know 30'' but not sure, what is a good fixture to keep all types of coral.
  13. snap32

    Is this normall????????

    I think my emerald crab killed my cleaner shrimp.. When i came home, my cleaner shrimp is headless and my emerald crab has his body pinched up upside down under a rock....
  14. snap32

    Does anyone have Neon Green Cloves??

    Does anyone have any Neon Green Cloves?? How much did u pay for them? Any pictures???
  15. snap32

    Pico question!!

    How does everyone control the temp on their pico?? What heater you use? I have a 3 gallon and i cant find any reasonable solution.. Help!
  16. snap32


    At my LFS today i saw a small true perc hosting a large feather duster..... Weird?
  17. snap32

    My new Pico!

    Today i setup my new 3 gallon Pico. I have about 5lbs of live rock and about 3lbs of black live sand. I will post pictures tonight! . Now i will begin startng to post my test results during the cycle
  18. snap32

    Lighting help !

    Ok guys ive been looking all around for a decent solution to my problem. My tank is 66inches long and 33 inches deep. Here is my plan so far. I wanted to buy 3 of Hamilton Spot Light Metal Halide Pendant Lighting System and hang them from my ceiling. My only question is will this be an even...
  19. snap32


    Ok my tank has a depth of 33'' so i decided to go with 3 Hamilton Spot Light Metal Halide Pendant Lighting Systems, now i cant decide what bulb to get. Should i get the 14k or 20k? And do you guys think that this lighting setup will suffice? And what is the rule about gal/wat ratio?
  20. snap32

    Light Question

    Hey Guys and Gals, just need some advice on lights for my tank. It is 60'' long and 33'' deep. Would 2 400w metal halide lights work. planning on doing a retro fit. Planning on keeping soft coral and some inverts. Maybe a few hard coral later down the road.