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  1. sweetdawn


    ok say one of your seahorses was sickly rest are fine. one got air bubbles under his skin on his tail constant battle with that. then since his swimming ability is hampered by bubbles he gets stuck against a powerhead probably all day. then he loses the skin on the tail i think cause it was...
  2. sweetdawn

    hardest thing ive had to do

    well today i did my first pouch evacuation on a was very scary i was so afraid to do it. i put it off cause i was afraid of hurting him but he was starting to float on the top of the tank besides not being able to swim upright. I didnt think i was doing it right cause nothing...
  3. sweetdawn

    wierdest fish

    i just saw a totally strange fish at the lfs they didnt know what it was it came in unmarked. it had fins on the side like a fuzzy dwarf lionfish in front of the fins it had these spider like appendages it used like little arms. it burries itself in the sand so that only its eyes and the top of...
  4. sweetdawn


    i got a new fish the guy at the lfs said it is a split tailed lyre hawkfish. it looks alot like a anthea but it is a hawkfish. does anyone have one of these i tried to do a search but it came up empty am i spelling it wrong.
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    in a thirty gallon tank how many seahorses can i keep. i have one pink skunk clownfish and one cardinal fish and inverts.lots of inverts.
  6. sweetdawn

    rest in peace fuzzy

    my fuzzy dwarf lion fish was wounded by the snowflake eel it wasnt that big of a wound. about the size of my index fingernail went to work came home and the tang and angel were biting at the wound and it was the size of a quarter. i put him in my qt tank but it was too late. Ive learned a lesson...
  7. sweetdawn

    did a dumb thing

    was cleaning my tank suctioning out debries under the rocks (bare bottom tank) and was in a hurry had to go to work so luckily i didnt empty the bucket. thought about it the next day. got to empty that bucket before it gets spilled. go to pick it up and my yellow clown gobie is hovering at the...
  8. sweetdawn

    lion fish wounded

    ok i think my snowflake eel took a chunk out of my fuzzy dwarf lion fish. He hasnt been eating for the last four days and today i noticed a wound on his side. it was hard to see hidden by fins. i dont know when he bit him but the wound looks like the size of the eels mouth. I dont know why he...
  9. sweetdawn

    help need answer quick

    ok my reef tank is having major problems. the heater i bought for the tank was bad and the tank was 90 degrees when i got up. my beautiful field of pulsing xenias is in major meltdown i have done water changes I have suctioned out the ones that were totally desintagrating. my nitrates are now...
  10. sweetdawn

    my poor seahorse

    i am so sad last night i decided to clean intake flow thing on the penguin thing and not even thinking that my seahorse would swim up it when i was gone. i cleaned it put it back on. and this morning i couldnt find my seahorse thought about it and relized oh ....... took it apart and there he...
  11. sweetdawn

    seahorse update

    ok so the seahorse i got is doing great. at first i was doing what they said at the lfs and taking him out to feed him but that seemed to be stressing him. now i feed the frozen mysis into the tank and watch to make sure he gets his. he is in with a bengai cardinal and a pink skunk clownfish...
  12. sweetdawn


    I got a seahorse today. He is black right now but the lfs said he would get more yellow. He was tank bred. eats frozen mysis. I already fed him today and he sucked them up. i took him out of my reef tank put him in a small container dropped in the food and he was good to go,
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    new pictures

    contest prizes
  14. sweetdawn

    contest prize

    ok my prize came today. lucky it came a day early the cardboard box was soaked they had put it in a plastic bag when i opened it the inside box was cracked and leaking. two of the bags had lost almost all their water. the decorator crab and one of the mushrooms. still alive looked okay. stuck at...
  15. sweetdawn

    more than one fuzzy dwarf lionfish in a tank

    can this be deleted??
  16. sweetdawn

    more than one fuzzy dwarf lionfish in a tank

    has anybody kept more than one fuzzy dwarf lion fish in a 55 gallon tank
  17. sweetdawn

    how dumb can you get

    ok so how dumb can you get I did this yesterday half of my tank was dark so i took the bulb out and got out a bulb I had in the closet that I hate it makes my tank look green. I bought a pair of them for my fifty five gallon tank and one was burnt out and I couldnt find the receipt to return it...
  18. sweetdawn

    post a pic and tell which camera you used

    please post a pic and tell what kind of camera you used and the price range if thats not too nosey of me. my sister wants to purchase a digital camera and mine sucks so she doesnt want that kind
  19. sweetdawn

    reefnut or someone else who know hitchhikers

    i posted this before and didnt get an answer can you please tell me what is on my clam the one in the back I have seen looks like it pulls a little trapdoor shut
  20. sweetdawn

    what is on my clam

    this is on the side of my clam couldnt find it on the hitchhiker thread