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  1. kelly


    I am looking to purchase a new heater, thinking about the Via Aqua Titanium Heater or the Visi-Therm Stealth Submersible Heater. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Kelly
  2. kelly

    Merry Christmas

    I thought I would wish all you you a Merry Christmas, and the best for the holiday season.
  3. kelly


    A few months ago I bought some snails and recently the starting growing mermaid's cup on them. Here are pictures of 4 of them. In the background of the 1st image you can see 2 of the other ones at the back of the tank. This macro-algae is not growing any where else in the tank, and the snails...
  4. kelly

    Mermaid's cup

    Anyone ever heard of this stuff, I saw pictures of it years ago, and thought it would be neat to own. It is also referred to as mermaid's parasol and mermaid's wine glass ( Acetabularia calyculus, Acetabularia acetabulum or Acetabularia crenulata seems be conflicting info on the web). I bought...
  5. kelly

    Any ideas?

    I saw this coral on ----, what do you think it is, he has it listed as a NEON GREEN POLYP BIRDS NEST CORAL. I do not think it is a birds nest, but I could be wrong. Thanks Kelly
  6. kelly

    bleaching sps

    I got a few sps frags earlier this week, and some are already bleaching... Here are tank parameters: size: 75 gallon tek hood with reflector and 6 52w bulbs specific gravity: 1.024 nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphates: 0 ph: 8.2 calcium: 420 dkh: 7 or 125ppm Frags were acclimated per...
  7. kelly

    getting some new frags

    I ordered some frags, a clam & some snails from another site, and was wondering if I got a good deal. Here is the list, the cost shipped is $195.00 Baby Blue Noblis Green Hydnophora Pink Hydnophora Orange polyp Montipora Digitata Brown with Purple Tip Montipora Digitata Green Montipora...
  8. kelly

    Tunze Nanostream powerheads

    I got a SEIO 820 for Christmas, and I am thinking about getting one of the Tunze Nanostream powerheads, probably the 6045 rated at 1,189 gph. Does anyone have one of the Tunze powerheads, and how do you like it. It will be going in to a 75gal reef tank. I am planning on keeping sps shortly...
  9. kelly

    Seio 820 powerhead mounting

    This is for owners of the Seio 820. I would like to mount the powerhead in the configuration shown in the attached image. I have all the parts, but it seems like I need an additional part to keep the magnetic rotor aligned. Has anyone mounted the powerhead in this configuration? Thanks, Kelly
  10. kelly

    looking for a good powerhead

    I am looking for a new powerhead or 2 what would you recommend? It is for a 75 gallon reef tank. I am planning on getting some sps after Christmas. Anyone familiar with the PowerSweep 228? Thanks, Kelly
  11. kelly

    cabinet doors

    I have a question for those of you that have been around for a while. I think it was atleast 1 year or longer ago that someone had either built or had custom built a stand that on the cabinet door there was a fish made from thin slivers of wood. Each piece was a different color/grain pattern...
  12. kelly

    Upgrading lighting

    I am seriously considering purchasing a 48" Tek Light 6-54W T5 HO Fluorescent lighting system. I was wondering if I should go with 2 daylight bulbs 6500k, 2 10,000k bulbs and 2 actinic bulbs. Three 6500K bulbs are included with it. I am not familiar with 11,000k or 12,000k bulbs, which they...
  13. kelly

    One of my favorite fish

    Over the weekend I went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, and saw some beautiful sea dragons. I took my digital camera and was only able to get 1 good shot of the sea dragons. I did not take any pics of the reef tanks, maybe next trip.
  14. kelly

    My wife got a new seahorse

    It is a glass one, but I though it was kind of cute... At least I don't have to worry about killing it. Kelly
  15. kelly

    SquishyFish - Sponges

    SquishyFish, I saw these red sponges on your site, how are they doing? Did they have bases when you got them. I really like red sponges, especially the knobby type, but I have not purchases any since most of them that I saw did not have a good base on them. Thanks
  16. kelly

    Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

    My wife and I are visiting my mother & sister who just happen to live in Las Vegas. The other day we went to Mandalay Bay to see the new shark tank, I know this is not the aggressive section, but they have a 1.3 million gallon tank there. Talk about having some room for corals (of which they...
  17. kelly

    Lighting upgrade question

    I am going to get new lighting for the 75 gallon. Looking at going with MH & VHO or MH & PC or MH & NO. Which would you recommend? The PC would be 2x96W, the VHO & NO would also be 2 bulbs. Should I use 5500K MH or 10,000K MH? Looking at the retro from M... Depot, could not find any combo...
  18. kelly

    thought for the day

    I was thinking about water changes, and about those that purchase water from wal-mart, etc. We test the water, run it through every type of filtration possible, use reverse osmosis, etc. before adding it to our tanks. But yet, we will drink the water straight from the tap (or store) without...
  19. kelly

    RichieRich2000 - Southdown sand

    RichieRich2000, I live in western PA, and I have seen southdown sand in Pittsburgh and Butler. It was at Home Depot, in the garden section. You may want to check your local HD. Make sure you check the garden section, it is not in building supplies near the cement, and most of the workers at...
  20. kelly

    Feeding a pearl bubble coral

    I noticed that my pearl bubble coral has several mouths, all the tissue is connected, and only 1 base. Is it recommended to feed each mouth, or should you only feed 1 mouth. When I fed it today, I took a small silverside, broke it up and put it in 5 different areas of the coral. Any ideas on...