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    FS Conscientious Marine Aquarist

    I am Selling on ----(item #3537441978) The Conscientious Marine Aquarist. By Robert M Fenner Its a great starter book, it is slightly used but is in very good condition. This book has 432 pages that include * Honest advice for Beginners * Great Fishes & Invertebrates * Foolproof Setup...
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    got marine catfish :)

    the other day ago i bought 3 marine catfish, and i gotta admit wow, there doing a better job than hermits or snails would do, well ok they cant clean the glass but the sand is incrediable any one have any idea what there like as far as hardyness and size
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    clownfish longevity?

    so far ive had my tank raised true percula clown for a year come november, hes survived everything, 3 cycles(my mistakes of course) 15 and 20 degree temp changes, high and low salinty ect... never got ick, always happly swimging around, out of all the fish i had this one has lasted the longest...
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    Bubbles in my sump???

    well i do have my skimmer in my sump, but its practly no bubbles being retuned, besdieds i have a spoung under the return to also stop even more from getting though, yes i do have macro algea in there, i also have live sand and live rock the bubbles arent near the return pump its not even...
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    Bubbles in my sump???

    ok i had my tank set up since late feb early march(2nd run) just about 2 and a half months ago i set up a sump , bought a skimmer, live sand ect... anyways, i have 5 ppm or less of nitrates, ihave had good water quality for a long time now, and the tank is at is prime, well lately i been getting...
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    newbie no nothing

    do lots of reading ahead of time, my parents have fresh water and when i set up my tank i thought it would be easy, the set up i think is the most important part, after that there might be a few bumps but its pretty much smooth sailing, if you go to then go to infomation...
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    Does SWF promote not qt new fish?

    thats a good question, i mean its always good to have a tank set up for emengencys, like for quarteening and also a tank that has a VERY small bio load, like 1 small fish all alone just for cases like that, that way the water quality is still good
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    How often do you feed your fish?

    i feed 1 time a day, i have an timer to turn the light on at 6 am, then just b4 i leave for work i feed them , once a week they get a treat and get blood worms, other than that its diffrent varities of flakes and pelets, its better to underfeed rather than over feed, its a good habbit for you to...
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    Does SWF promote not qt new fish?

    from past experiance and a tank of mess, belive me i think 98% of us will agree always quarteen ur fish, it works, and it helps, its not only a good pratice for you to get into, but when its being quarteened your fish wont be picked on for being the newbie and has time to recover from its shipment
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    Hang On Protien Skimmers whos got the best??

    i also have the remora protine skimmer, and personally i like it, but fishgills, i was wondering which u think is better the maxi jet or the rio(as far as actually skimming), personally about noise i dont care, but about skimming, they work the same??
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    I've Had it with Rios !!!!!!!

    i know im one of VERY few who actually like rios lol, i heard of the problems with re-starting them, and the sound they make n stuff like that, but personlly since i havnt had any problems with mines(knock on wood) i cant complane, personally i like the size and design
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    I found a 20 gallon set-up is it a good deal

    just to give an example, right now im running a 20 gallon long tank, with 55 watt smart light, 40 pounds of live sand, with a cleaner shrimp, pepermint shrimp, a blue hippo tang(baby) and a true perc clown with a blue devil damsel(of course i have a sump) however the tank is thriveing for...
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    little hippo

    i just have a blue devil damsel(which lucky hasent given any problems yet) and a true percula clown
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    little hippo

    good catch with the hippo, i also got lucky, mines still small, but i had him for about 4 months now, and its never gotten sick, i just never make any drastic changes, and everything i do is gradual over time, dosent seem to bother him , im not sainy i cant get ick, but my cleaner shimp will...
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    Am I abusing my pump??

    hey crabs i usta do the same thing when feeding, because my flakes was getting sucked up by the over flow causeing me to need to put more for the fish to eat, i put an old power head i had lying around on the over flow faceing the other direction so now flakes hardly get sucked up any more
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    Royal Gramma

    nice fish, my fav, a lil easy to get ick, but a good uv, and cleaner shrimp, and lots of rock, not to much activity and its gonna do well,the only reason why i havent been able to keep one, is due to not enough hideing places, but in the next month i plan on getting one
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    10% Vs. 20% Water Changes?

    actually i hardly do water changes, very rarely, so far had it set up since early march, and only did 1, i have a good skimmer, exclent filteration, just add weekly trace elements and fill up eveporated water and my tank is doing great, only like 5 ppm of nitrates even if that
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    Just built a refugium!....but need your advice now!

    if you really wanna lower your nitrates, then what i might sujest is you take the hose from the over flow, and split it into 2 smaller ones, have one hose go into the sump, then build a special refumge with culepra then use a syphon from the refugum into the sump
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    BowFront Canopy Arrived!

    hey beth happy to hear you found a canopy for the bowfront, and mr saltys right it does seem like its been a while, but even though i cant see the looks of it right now, i bet your looking at it saying the wait was worth it
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    Skilltter Fillter

    there loud at the beging but if you take the tube out from the thing inside, or put the tube under water there quite,mr saltys sooo right, the skimmer is well i wont go there lol, but anyways its a good mechanical filter and i like the fact that theres 2 cartrages so if you want to change one to...