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  1. gill again68

    Clowns trying to be hosted by my Duncan

    So my big female clown (Mable) has decided to get close to the Duncan. I heard that they liked them and apparently this is true with my fish. Now the funny thing is my big Sailfin seems to be mimicking the clowns by getting into their old spot of star polyps. It was so funny over dinner watching...
  2. gill again68

    New critter for the tank. Blue Linckla Star

    Meowzer, I couldn't stand it any longer. Saw that Red / Orange one you got and well that did it. He he / she is acclimating now.
  3. gill again68

    Merry Christmas

    To all my SW friends, have a Merry Christmas. I am certain a few of you will only get coal from Santa but when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Bust that stuff up and put it in your reactors!
  4. gill again68

    New virus today

    Well I was surfing the net when bang I got another "virus protection warning" scam virus. It locked my whole computer down. Even put a nice full background on my main screen that warned me about virus protection and how they steal identities and so forth. So I went to my trusty malware file that...
  5. gill again68

    My big basset hound

    So yesterday the dog got her a good ole bath. I mean I scrubbed from ear to rear. She came out so pretty and clean. Thats all good. Now last night we had a storm with rain and wind. This morning my pretty "puppy" need to go out for all the reasons and so out she went. Usually on a cold day she...
  6. gill again68

    From T- 5s to VHO

    So like the title says. I am thinking of taking my T-5s out and going for VHO T 12s. I will get 440 watts from those where I am in the 336 range with my T-5s. Thats also overdriving the bulbs etc. Now here are the questions. [list type=decimal] Do T-5s give better Par value at that wattage then...
  7. gill again68

    I hate to admit but its true. Im lazy.

    Well last night I was looking at my tank and saying to myself that it just doesn't run like it use to. Now I clean it pretty good and I pay attention to it on some level everyday but I never have really gotten under the hood so to speak. Well last night was the night. I got some brushes and some...
  8. gill again68

    My daughter is an official black belt

    The title says it all. We went today to testing and she returns victorious. She is now a first degree black belt. She is on the left her friend on the right is a 3rd degree.
  9. gill again68

    Maxima under T-5

    Well that says it. I want to put a Maxima in the tank but I know with that lighting that a bottom placement is pretty much out of the question I would think. So what about a mid or upper. I feel very confident that placing it at the top would be fine and I have a place in mind. However I also...
  10. gill again68

    Derasa Clam getting picked on

    Ok so didnt know if this would be or the fish section would be a better place to post this but I put it here so lets get on with it. My Coral Beauty has taken an interest to my clam. Nipping at it from time to time. The clam will open and seems to only open 3/4 of the way. Most of the fish I...
  11. gill again68

    Well it happened. I officially became impacted by corporate america today.

    It may not be as bad as it first sounds as some jobs are being eliminated while other new positions are being created. I have been a very high performer for the past 5 years and a very good track record prior to that so maybe that will be enough. A few prayers and good wishes are always welcome...
  12. gill again68

    Video update of the 90 gal mixed.

    Hope you like it. If not then make comments until you make me cry.
  13. gill again68

    Sad News Cant find the LMB

    Looked through the tank today and I cant find him anywhere. Bad thing is I dont remember seeing him yesterday. Crazy how close attention you can pay to a system and miss something like that. RIP Rocky.
  14. gill again68

    You didnt ask for it so here it is anyway.

    Haven't posted many updates for the 90 gal so here we go. Ok in the second pic on the bottom of the Candy Cane can someone tell me what those are? I call them freebies but I am sure thats not their name. In the third pic I have what I like to call zoos! I call them that cause meowzer dont!! The...
  15. gill again68

    Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin Tang - can someone tell me if this fish will fade with color due to aggressive behavior or is this strictly a stress related change? I should say that it appears to be an aggressive behavior to me as I see it if it were stress it would stay that color??
  16. gill again68

    I guess I am a grandad?

    So I look in the 8 gal tonight and I have about 12 Nassarius snails all over my rock work. I guess not having a light for a few weeks left them with nothing better to do.
  17. gill again68

    Freaking Antivir Scam

    This stupid program took over my computer for 4 days! If you somehow get infected by this damn thing the thing that removed it for me was Malewarebytes. Look up how to remove Antivir and it should be listed there. My spyware would not find it and I could not launch any web search or any other...
  18. gill again68

    Derasa Clam

    How important is magnesium to the health of the clam?
  19. gill again68

    need ID on what looks like a bristle worm

    Really hard for me to get a picture of it with my camera but here you go. He is dark reddish brown on 2/3 of what I think is the back half and orange red on the front 1/3. Looks to have a bunch of legs or bristles? Has a small dot of orange on its butt?? Sorry for the picture about the best I...
  20. gill again68

    3 make that 4 new corals and a clam

    Well I finally got me a clam. Its a Darasa Im going to say it 3" I told the wife its 5" LOL I bought an orange Monti the clam and some pulsing xenia for my daughter. I got a large piece of green cap and some green eyed polyps for free with the xenia. Here are the pics. I threw an updated picture...