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  1. cdangel0

    Coralife Super Skimmer 125

    Sells new for $175. $95 shipped. Includes pump and extra bubble trap. From DFS: http://www.**************.com/produc...m?pcatid=13924 Coralife Super Skimmer Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer * Versatile protein skimmer for hang-on or in-sump installation * Needle wheel impeller creates...
  2. cdangel0

    Css125 Fs

    Coralife Super Skimmer 125. Retails new for about $180 - asking $85 + actual shipping costs. Pump and extra bubble trap included. Excellent working condition. This is a great skimmer, easily adjusted and good crud output, I just upgraded to an ASM and no longer have a need for this one. It is...
  3. cdangel0

    Misc. Items in DE - RO T5 UV

    For sale: UV Sterilizer - used - $20 (2) 48" Coralife actinic NO T5 bulbs - brand new $10ea Top Fin 60 HOB filter - will only be 3 weeks old when I'm done with it next week. $25 SpetraPur 50gpd RO unit - $50 Prices do not include shipping. Would prefer local pick up for light bulbs. Thanks for...
  4. cdangel0

    FS 92g Corner in DE

    92g corner bow front - Oak trim Oak stand 36" 6 bulb Catalina T5 light fixture (1 bulb needs replacing) 20g h sump - 1 baffle needs replacing Drilled, all plumbing included Glass lid Egg crate already cut to fit $350 OBO
  5. cdangel0

    36" PC w/ lunar lights

    Have a 3-4 month onld 36" 2x96w PC light w/ blue lunar lights. Aluminum housing, 2 fans, 3 power cords (1 for actintics, 1 for 10Ks, 1 for lunar). Upgrading to T5s and have no need for another light sitting here not being used. Is a gorgeous light, never any problems, just want to start keeping...
  6. cdangel0

    Wet / Dry Filter

    Unit is an Aqua Clear Aquatics 125 w/ pre-filter box, no hoses. Recently built my sump / fuge and no longer need this filter. Never had problems with it, never had nitrate spikes etc. $75 shipped. Will also consider trade offers. Have not cleaned it yet, but will be thoroughly cleaned before...
  7. cdangel0

    Wet / Dry FS or Trade

    Open to any and all suggestions for trade. Don't really know what I want but I have no use for this since I built my sump. Unit is an Aqua Clear Aquatics 125 w/ pre-filter box, no hoses. Looking for softies or easy care corals or dry goods / equipment of some sort.
  8. cdangel0

    Curlique Anemone

    Anyone interested in curlique's? Have several to trade, looking for softies or a Flame Angel. Or anything at all for that matter. Some are small, quarter sized, others have heads 3-4". Sorry, no pics, have a bow front tank which is non-condusive to photography.
  9. cdangel0

    For Sale or Trade Digital Camera

    Kodak DX3600 - Used but still great camera - upgraded to a more advanced camera. Picture Quality High, Print Sizes 4x6-, 5x7, and 8x10-inch Also will record short video. Suggested Retail Price $299 (new) Prefer to trade for aquarium supplies. Lights, tests, refractometer, etc. Will sell if no...
  10. cdangel0

    WTT: 36"PC for 24" T-5

    Looking for a 24" T-5 or VHO set-up. have a 2x65 36" retro PC w/ 2 50/50 bulbs (don't know age) and/or a 24" 1x65w PC less then 2 months old. e-mail if interested
  11. cdangel0

    making 24" light

    Does anyone have any idea how I can make a housing for a 24" PC light? I currently have a retro'd 36" that I can not fit on my tank but would like to take it apart and make it a 24".
  12. cdangel0


    Just found these little things all over my pump and glass in my sump. I apologize for poor pictures, camera not that great. Are these pods? They almost look like tiny little anemones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. cdangel0

    UV Sterilizer - yes or no?

    I've gotten conflicting opinions on whether or not I should use a UV Sterilizer in my tank. I only have a few corals - an open brain, green star polyp, xenia, yellow gorgonian, and a BTA. I have a couple damsels, a percula clown, green spotted puffer, cuban hogfish, and a yellow tang. The tank...
  14. cdangel0

    Anyone have frags they want to part with?

    Currently converting a FO to include some corals, but spouse won't let me spend anymore money on the hobby until after the holidays. Keeps saying something about having to pay the [hr] .... Anyway, was wondering if anybody wanted to help a poor guy get started in this. I could probably...
  15. cdangel0

    Where to place skimmer?

    Just upgraded to a 92 gal bow front corner aquarium. tank came with a wet/dry filter system (I think that's what it's called, Bio-balls on one side, just water and return pump on other). Can I put a protein skimmer on the pump side of the wet/dry unit or do I have to get a HOB style? Sorry...
  16. cdangel0

    What's a 'Fuge'?

    Bare with me gang - I just upgraded from a 29 gal to a 92 gal tank. I have only ever had experience with basic 'hang-on' style filters and such. It took me a week of research to figure out how the wet/dry filter on my new tank works (was included with the tank - no instructions). I see alot of...
  17. cdangel0

    Cycling Question

    Filled my new 92 gal tank last Sunday, used about 5 pounds of crushed coral from my old tank, as well as a chunk (about 7 lbs.) of live rock. My Ammonia has been at about .25 ppm for 3 days now, with Nitrites at .25 ppm as of yesterday, Nitrates are at 20 ppm today. Is this normal? I am used to...
  18. cdangel0

    Just got a larger tank - now what?

    LFS going out of business - bought a 92 gal corner display tank complete with Pro Line 125 wet/dry system and 36" compact flourecent lights. Already drilled and plumbed. Problem is - I am stepping up from a 29 gal tank and don't know what to expect with a tank this large. How many heaters will...
  19. cdangel0

    Live Rock Bugs?

    I just purchased my first piece of live rock, already had a good bit of sponge and stuff on it. But I started noticing litle white worm looking things on it, so when I got me magnifying glass, and really bored last night, I started noticing these lttle grey "bugs" crawling around on it. Now I am...