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  1. redman1221

    My new tang

    I just got a juv Mata tang on thursday, I am soo happy I will take a picture of him when my lights come back on. I got him from my lfs store this is the first time they ever had one and I got him. I could not pass it up for the price.
  2. redman1221

    I finally got my Sargassum Triggerfish

    I finally got him I am soo happy, here he is.
  3. redman1221

    My new blasto

    I just got this one a couple of days ago let me know what you think.
  4. redman1221

    I am thinking about getting a Copperband Butterfly

    Do you all think I should get one, I have a tube anemone and I heard that they will eat them let me know if I should try it. I want to put him in my 125g Mixed reef tank.
  5. redman1221

    I am very mad right now

    I just got home to find my new black durgeon trigger behind my tank, it jumped out while I was gone. I will never get another trigger ever again.
  6. redman1221

    Is this a good deal for 9 heads of FHI duncans

    I am about to get 9 heads of FHI duncans for $50 is this a good deal
  7. redman1221

    ID on these zoanthids

    Can Someone tell me what these are.
  8. redman1221

    My new armor of gods zoanthids

    Here are my new armor of gods
  9. redman1221

    So it begin my 12g Nano

    Here it is the beginning of my new nano, let me know what you all think.
  10. redman1221

    Starting a 12g nano tank

    I just wanted to know if the lights that I am getting with my tank is good enough for a reef or should I install a 175w metal halide above the tank. It comes with a t5 lighting system I think it is 32w total power, let me know what you all think if that is enough or is the metal halide too...
  11. redman1221

    Pictures of some of my fish

    I just wanted to post picture of some of my fish. Let me know what you think
  12. redman1221

    Show your Passer Angel if have one

    Here is mine
  13. redman1221

    My 2 new tangs

    I got a Blonde Naso Tang and a Yellow Mimc Tang today let me know what you all think.
  14. redman1221

    I am soo happy, first time this ever happen to me

    My bullseye electric stingray had babys
  15. redman1221

    58 Gallon oceanic r/r tank and stand

    I am selling my 58g tank because I moved all of my fish to my 125g and I don't need it anymore. Plus I need the money, this is for pick up only. It comes with the stand and canopy, and the wetdry but it does not come with any lights or pump. I will include a powerhead with the tank and a...
  16. redman1221

    14" Green Moray for sell

    I am selling my green moray because I want to change my tank to a reef so I would like to get $80 obo for it I live in Palm Bay, fl 32907. I don't know how to ship so this is for pick up you can reach me on here or email me at