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  1. slackjawed


    poor o j leave him alone!!!!sad how people try 2 dog him. nice frame job!! hopefully he will be free and clear w/ those great lawyers
  2. slackjawed

    still kickin!!

    well the mappa is doin fine had 2 move little undy (was get a$$ beat )by the big 1 (undy) couldnt find his home after i move it .so tossed him in 75 w/ the little undy made a new buddy.
  3. slackjawed

    mappa puffer

    ok here he is lookin 4 a small fee 100$$on sale.hes gotta go this weekend
  4. slackjawed

    mappa puffer

    huge 12" pick up only $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$200$$$$$$$$$$ or trades? for rocks/coral? his options are runnin out 1 sell 2 the zoo 3 stuffed 4 eaten buy me!!
  5. slackjawed

    mappa for 180

    well found a mappa puffer,guy says hes 7 " cheep as hell(guy movin 2 cali last fish 2 get rid of)pickin up 2 marrow after noon.hopefully will go into 180.heres a pic he sent me ill post some tommarow
  6. slackjawed

    penny in tank?

    one of my friends said through a penny in the tank for copper. is he crazy or what??
  7. slackjawed

    crab ID

    how big does it get?
  8. slackjawed

    new htf

    some pics of new htf,green wolf eel and a crab stock list for little 75: 1 toad fish 1 htf 1 undy 1 green wolf eel these i put in out other tank: 1dog faced puffer 1 huma huma 1 fimbriated eel 1 huma huma brings total to 8 gonna put puffer back in 180 (they got a tiny 1 for 28$)gonna get soon
  9. slackjawed

    new little 75 gal

    just got it yesterday up in runnin now,dropped in a huma huma ,dog face puffer and a toad fish .gonna add a few more. thinkin ill have a little agressive too!!
  10. slackjawed

    bigg babies

    wow i thought this was a fourm to discuss fish!!! this sight is a dictatorship!!!got a point 4 nothin AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. slackjawed

    triggers play nice

    i have 21 fish in my 180 10 triggers 6 eels 2 puffers,panther grouper red tail grouperand a wrasp .tank is like total maddness .no easy street .just eat 30 minnowz a day i keep em well fed