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  1. mike22cha

    Plans for future tank, lighting question

    Ok so I'm planning on a 150g and was wondering which lighting I should use. I have a 150w HQI Sunpod Metal Hallide 20" 14k. I was wondering if I should get another one of those and use those to light my 150g or get a 60" IceCap VHO Fluorescent lighting system (560w total). If I did the VHO's...
  2. mike22cha

    Tore down my tank today.

    Well traded my fish in to the lfs today. Going to finish taking down my tank later today. Sad to see my favorite fish go, and even worse to see the lfs handle my fish and start acclimating them. They poured them from my 5g buckets to theirs. I had to keep my opinioin to my self, and it was...
  3. mike22cha

    Mass Effect anyone?

    Anyone else play it? I just beat it and I think it's the best game for 360 out as of now. I even like it better than COD4. Amazing storyline, gameplay, and song during the credits.
  4. mike22cha

    20g FS: OKC, Oklahoma!

    20g FS OKC Here's what's for sale: -20g Tall w/top -Emperor 280 Power Filter HOB 280gph -Nova Extreme T-5 Saltwater version 22-24" 48w -Top Fin Powerhead -20lbs of fine grade live sand All for 110$ total. PM me if interested. After that I'll give you my cell and we'll talk more about it. I...
  5. mike22cha

    Just some shots from my 10g today

    Well here's my Citrus clown goby and my clam today. Both doing great, but my two peppermint shrimp mysteriously died yesterday. Anyways here are the pics:
  6. mike22cha

    Peppermint shrimp randomly keep on dying!

    Well two weeks ago I bought one peppermint shrimp and he decided to go in the back of the tank, and never returned. Never found him and nitrates didn't spike. Today I bought two peppermint shrimp and a Citron Clown Goby. Later that night while I was waiting for my new TV to auto-program, I...
  7. mike22cha

    Clown Goby Citron, SPS safe or not?

    I just bought a citron clown goby, very nice sized, 3/4-1", anyways I don't have any SPS frags in there but I told my buddy Paintballer76800 about it and he's saying they're not SPS or reef safe?!
  8. mike22cha

    Modification (I guess) for my 125g Possiblity

    Well on my 125g AGA aquarium on the top there is a 2' wide piece of glass that's built in the aquarium. It is for so that the hinged top can go on top and fit nicely. Anyways it takes up precious space where I could put some other HOB type filtration, so I was wondering if I could break it off...
  9. mike22cha

    Re-doing my 125g into aggressive FOWLR

    Well now that my dad got a job as a traveling tech, he isn't home to take care of the fish when I'm not there. So they decided that it'd be best to just keep the 125g instead of spend money downgrading, and put it in an office at my mom's house. I'm going to get trading a lot of fish in at the...
  10. mike22cha

    SPS randomly died

    Well it was sorta white last night and now is white, don't see how it can recover. :( Umm water was low so did a top off last night of 3g or so, (it's in a 10g) which was a little much but still I figured if it needed calcium or need better salinity then I figured its best chance was getting...
  11. mike22cha

    Looking for Aquariums in OKC

    Well my dad got the conformation he's going to be taking a job in New Mexico short term in a week. He's going to be a traveling ultrasound tech, so he can't keep care of the 125g at his house, and there's no room at my mom's besides her garage, which I'm trying to avoid that option. So I'm...
  12. mike22cha

    Aquariums in the Garage

    Well my dad is taking a job in New Mexico which means that him and I need to decide what to do with my 125g. I realy don't want it in my room and there'd be no room unless I removed my furniture, and it's a pretty small room. My mom is parinoid about the whole 100's of gallons of water in her...
  13. mike22cha

    New Clam has Aisptasia, Help

    Well went to a lfs and bought a fire fish, a sps frag, and a clam. Didn't look at the clam closely enough to see the lil aisptasia all over it's shell. The SPS frag was in the same tank BTW. Overheard someone mention aisptasia in one of the tanks, but didn't see any in the frag tank because I...
  14. mike22cha


    Well my dad is going to be moving so I'm going to have to get rid of these guys either way. But he may keep the tank, and there are certian fish we just don't want in there. I'll be perfectly honest about these fish and why I don't wish to keep them. I'm also selling these for low prices and...
  15. mike22cha

    Mike's 10g Nano Thread

    Well today is the day. I'm going to move over my 10g and get the equitment hooked up. I'll take pics of it being set up. I'm going to try and get some rocks from my 125g and 20g to start cycling, but I'm going to have to make sure the rocks don't have the algae on it that the rest of the tank...
  16. mike22cha

    Do frag tanks need cycling? ^There's why I'm thinking about this and what I'm thinking about. But my question is, since cycling is to prepare the tank for the bio-load of fish, what if you don't have any fish in there? What if it's just corals...
  17. mike22cha

    Need help planning for buying/remodling a car

    Well my dad and I have been thinking about it for a year now, didn't think we'd be planning to get it for my first car. But we need some help figuring how much it'd cost/which would be the best route, etc. The car we're thinking of is a Honda Del Sol. My dad and I both like the convertible...
  18. mike22cha

    Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK

    Well this Saturday I got the wonderful chance to see the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma (close to Tulsa). So my mom, me, our neighbor, and 4 of his grandkids piled up into a SUV and drove off for a 2 hour drive their and a 1.5 hour drive back. So here's some things about the Oklahoma...
  19. mike22cha

    Pictures for your dogs

    Well I got my little Westie over a month ago, I promised pics, and I got a small new camera for Christmas, and I've been bored tonight, so I got around to uploading some pictures of my little puppy. Her name is Lexus (Lexy) and she is 16-17weeks right now. Weighs 7lbs. Thought I'd show her...
  20. mike22cha

    Some Nano Questions

    Well I'm setting up my 20g and I have some questions Before I ask the questions, here's a little run down on my plans. I plan on getting a 150w MH lighting system (one of those clamp on back of tank) and for filtration making a HOB Power Filter with two chambers into a refegium and using my...