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  1. member007

    Best bulb for 150w sunpod.

    I want my corals to "pop"! (soft, lps, anemone). Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Best 150w MH bulb?

    I currently have 150 w MH sunpod light over 34g tank. I keep mostly soft corals, some Lps, and anemone. I want my corals to look nice! I currently have an original bulb the light came with and my corals don't "pop". I also used XM 20k bulb in the past and the color was better, but not as good...
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    Tiny Cowfish blowing on snails!

    He is so funny... Check this out! Hahahahaha....
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    Check out my new GREEN BUBBLE CORAL!

    First pic is in daytime and second in nighttime. Enjoy!
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    New addition - Helmet Cowfish

    Long horn cowfish brought me to this hobby. After down sizing from 90g to 30g I had to let him go. So... after doing some research I found out that I can find a "cow" that grows to about 4". At the same time I found this little guy at the LFS. I am planning on getting 55-75 gallon tank next...
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    My diamond goby and his cave (pics)

    Check it out! :)
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    Please ID this Beautiful SPS!

    I got this beatiful SPS coral without doing any research on it. The guy told me it is Bali or something. Is this from the same family as Staghorn? You can't see it well on pictures, but it has pink/blue tips. It is aquacultured... Thanks, Dave
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    Another ID please.

    Are these Rainbow? Thanks, Dave
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    Ricordeas with Sea horses?

    Please let me know if you can keep ricordeas with Sea horses? Thanks!
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    Please ID

    Are these rare?
  11. member007

    Please ID

    I've had this guy for a while and he is growing pretty fast. Any idea what is it?
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    Cool Zoa/paly pack! CHICAGO

    Guys this is a steal! At least 15 different types of zoas, palys and some button polyps. Many colonies with over 30 polyps. Some extra bright! Get all for only 150.00!!! ($10.00 per colony!) LOCAL P/U near Chicago
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    Clownfish hosting clam

    Can he kill my clam???
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    Check out my Midas Blenny!

    I hate him and love him at the same time! He bites my hand every time I put it inside the tank
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    My cool zoa rock

    Check out my zoa rock! I got it about a year ago for $65 with only few polyps. Look at it now!
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    24 gallon nano - over one year old

  17. member007

    Fish wish list for 125g reef

    Hello guys, I am planning on upgrading my reef tank from 24g nano to 125g next year. I wonder how many fish I could put in there? This is my wish list: Ghost Eel (got it now) Six line wrasse( got it now) Midas blenny (got it now) 2x percula clowns (got them now) Pink Square Anthias (Male)...
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    Must see video!

    Check this out! Just amazing...
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    Some frags in Chicago - sorry local p/u only

    GSP (green star polyps) - $15 (4 frags) Anthellia - $20 (1 frag) Pink centered blue zoos - $40 (30+ polyps on a rock) I will try to post some pics tomorrow. Please email me if you are interested: Thanks.
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    Opinions please

    Please help me with a decision. I found a nice 4 months used fish tank for sale for $1,000. Here is what is included in the package(pictures attached): 125 RR glass tank + stand (6 ft x 19 in x 55.5 in) wet/dry filter (I think it's magnum 2) Skimmer rated for 150g 2x Koralia powerheads 2x 36"...