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  1. rebelprettyboy

    Gtfih now!!!

    I thank God for a succesful delivery. baby was born around 525pm on 2-26-10... Drake Arnold (King of BB) Roberts Labor was around 11 hrs. 7.65 lbs 18.5 inches And the biggest feet you'll ever see. A Not so rough pic of Mommy and Daddy!
  2. rebelprettyboy

    Rebels Latest Creation 10G

    Ok so I had to jump back into the hobby. Missed it for to damn long. Got some reading to do to amke sure im still up to par wit my skills at the saltwater. But im just doing a 10 Gal tank. I wont have any pics up tl Monday. Not even sure when itll be running. But im def back!
  3. rebelprettyboy


    Havent been around in a while. Me and my girlfriend baby is due on March 6th. We will prolly have him on Feb 28 or something around that. Baby name is gonna be Drake Renè Roberts. Obv a baby boy! Im hoping soon after the baby gets here or before I get another tank. Then you guys will see more...
  4. rebelprettyboy

    March 22nd...

    That date is the due date for me and my finance child. Im pretty excited. I cant wait. Been knowing since June, but just havent posted about it! Anyways im excited!!!
  5. rebelprettyboy

    Interesting Facts Thread

    Just thought Id start a thread for people to add some interesting facts about... WHATEVER you like. Bored at work and was just reading some of my school books and the net and found some kool stuff out. Add as much as you like.
  6. rebelprettyboy


    USAIN BOLT Is that guy a freak of nature or what? I mean you look at the guy sprint against everyone else and it doesnt even seem like hes running near as hard. BEat his olympic WR in the 100mm dash 4 days ago. 2day he beat his Olympic WR in the 200mm. After some test will the find out hes on...
  7. rebelprettyboy


    Havent been on since March. Feels kinda good. Guess the only section I need to visit is THE AQUARIUM since i no longer have a tank lol. And since im back... time to make me a MOD
  8. rebelprettyboy

    Biocube Pump Help?

    Which pump is in the biocube 14? I think mine is going out and Im gonna need to order a new one... Also whats an upgrade one for these cubes
  9. rebelprettyboy

    Rebels 29 Biocube DIARY...

    Ugh.. Aint got the tank yet. Decieded Id chec the local forums and see if anyone had anything for sale. Found a guy sellin a Biocube 29 in lubbock about 1.5 hrs from me. So im going to pick it up on sunday! Now I really need to sell the 40 and the sump. But iim gonna keep the TEK light fixture...
  10. rebelprettyboy

    Whats an AWESOME..

    Whats an awesome colorful reef safe fish for a 14 gal nano?
  11. rebelprettyboy

    Gran Tourino?

    I was just lookin at Veni thread about Buying American.. And was wondering if anyone has checked that movie out? Its a really good movie and damn funny... Any other thoughts on the movie
  12. rebelprettyboy


    How can u kill them suckers? They take up to much space in my tanks and grow to quick? Ive treied placing stuff on top of them, but the just move around and grow even more... I was thinking about taking a razor blade to em and slicing, then I was like thatll just give me like 40 more! HOW CAN U...
  13. rebelprettyboy

    Important Biocube Question!!

    lol How do you remove the lid off the 14 gal bio? been trying to get it off but I dont know how
  14. rebelprettyboy

    Pop Eye Treatment

    Anything u can do to treat for pop eye inside ur main tank without causing arm to anything else?
  15. rebelprettyboy


    Talking about a major fail and making the threads boring now a days! Theres usually nothing, now there really is nothin lol. Oh well!!!!
  16. rebelprettyboy

    Wat Has BLACK Friday come to?,2933,458890,00.html That just doesnt make any sense
  17. rebelprettyboy

    Wrecked another one of my toys...

    Well every yr seems i gotta get in a wreck no matter what. This yr was almost over and it got me again. So far im only 19. Ive totaled 2 cars. First car a Corolla 04 black. 2nd car Expedition 04 black. Neither of those wrecks my fault. Well yesterday on my way to work. While waiting a light at...
  18. rebelprettyboy


    Ive had an abundance amount of ppl PMing me and wanting some "Nightmares" (Which I dont have) and then arguing me down that I do have them. And then gettin mad at me when I try to tell them that Armeggedons and Nightmares are diff lol... THEYRE NOT THE SAME Flric pics of Nightmares And my...
  19. rebelprettyboy

    Need Help!

    I was trying to upload this pic of my green mushrooms before the end of the day, but it wont let me upload it... It keeps saying it uploaded succesful but it isnt posted... file type is JPEG
  20. rebelprettyboy

    Zoa eating NUDI?