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  1. joncat24

    Rainy day 120 pics.

    I took some new pics of my tank since it was raining....let me know what you think.
  2. joncat24

    New Squamosa I got today

    I went and picked up a squamosa clam today...I had it about three years ago and sold it to a local reefer when I took down my 180 gallon...I finally got it back today. It is a "little" larger than it was then. in a 5 gallon bucket In a 65 gallon tank With my 22 year old nephews hand for...
  3. joncat24

    new frag rack

    I got tired of the old, ugly looking frag racks of eggcrate so I made me one of these for my tank.....looks alot nicer than the others, I think. Just thought I would post a couple of pics of it.
  4. joncat24

    Joncat24's pico reef

    I got this in trade for some corals from my 120. So I just had to set up a mini(and I mean MINI) reef.
  5. joncat24

    new 120 reef pics

    Here are some pics of the new 120 I just set up. I took down my 65 and transferred everything into this one. Here is a pic of the odyssea bulbs here it is with phoenix bulbs
  6. joncat24

    MSX 160 pics

    Well, here is the reason I always suggest these skimmers. I got this one 10 days ago, so it is just getting broken in good. This is 2 days of skimmate from my 65 gallon. I have never had skimmate this black before. This skimmer runs at 23 watts and is very small in footprint size. Best skimmer...
  7. joncat24

    Octopus nw 150 FS Cincy Ohio

    4 month old octopus NW150 skimmer fs. Gate valve mod, mesh mod and custom venturi $120 would like to sell local, dont really want to ship it, but if no one local wants it, I may. Shipping would be around $20, I guess. I do have original box to ship it in.
  8. joncat24

    Acrylic baffles

    I have a few pieces of 1/4 cast acrylic left over from my fuge building days. Anyone who would like some baffles cut or any other pieces cut, pm me with sizes and I can get em cut for ya this weekend. I am not a business, just trying to clean up the garage a
  9. joncat24

    joncat24's new 65 gallon

    Well, I took my aquapod 24 down yesterday and moved it into a new 65 gal. Here are some pics of it so far.
  10. joncat24

    Tunze nano skimmer in Oh

    I am taking down my aquapod and have this skimmer for sale. It works perfect and I have original box and all parts and accessories. $100 shipped....Firm Sunpod 150 watt light will be for sale next week after new tank is going.
  11. joncat24

    tunze nano skimmer review

    Well, after alot of deliberation and waiting for the euro reef nano skimmer to come out, I ended up getting a Tunze nano. I wish I would have gotten it a lot earlier. This thing is awesome for its size and it is dead quiet. I have my aquapod about 2 feet from my bed and can't hear it running...
  12. joncat24

    stock aquapod 24 gal hood

    stock hood for ap24 for sale. I got a new sunpod on the way and will no longer need this one. It is two months old and completely stock. Includes all bulbs (2x32 watt) and leds. Would be good for someone to mod or just have an extra or for bulbs and parts. Make me an offer, I have no idea what...
  13. joncat24

    WTB 20" sunpod 150w

    Title says it all. Looking to buy a 20" 150 watt sunpod. Pm me with what you have, or post pics and price with shipping to 45067
  14. joncat24

    New sand in aquapod

    I changed the crappy ocean direct sand out of my nano last night. I got some seachem tidal marine gray sand.. I like it really well. First pic is with the old sand and the rest are of it today.
  15. joncat24

    current usa subcurrent

    Anyone who has not seen these, needs to give em a look. I was surfing the doctors site the other day looking to buy a koralia nano when I ran across it. i figured for $28 I would give it a shot. It is AWESOME. I have it directly in the center on the back wall with the outlets coming toward the...
  16. joncat24

    flame angel

  17. joncat24

    bi color angel

  18. joncat24

    green stripe shrooms

    green strip mushrooms
  19. joncat24

    naso tang

    naso tang
  20. joncat24 yuma

    swf yuma