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  1. maroonclownfan

    Pyramidellid Snails???

    Is it possible to have Pyramidellid Snails populating your tank without the presence of clams? I know they are known to also attach to other snails, but I have never seen this in my tank. However, at night I can probably count about a dozen small whit cone-shaped snails on my live rock. About...
  2. maroonclownfan

    Any Pics of TALL setups???

    Looking for pics and ideas for a tall setup. I have a 54" tall ~225 gal aquarium I am going to attempt to setup this winter. So I am looking for ideas for looks and lighting from successful tanks of similar shape 54"Tx40"Lx24"D, or just height. Thanks.
  3. maroonclownfan

    Experience with Tall Reef Tanks??

    I just received a free acrylic tank. Dims 40"L X 24"D X 54"H.....roughly 225 gal TALL I am trying to decide if I want to set it up this way or cut it down. I have a great place for it in my family room but I have concerns about cleaning and lighting???? I plan on keep mostly just fish/inverts...
  4. maroonclownfan

    Flame Cardinal with Shrimp....experiences?

    Have heard recently of Flame Cardinals harassing/killing shrimp. Any other experiences? MCF
  5. maroonclownfan

    Blood shrimp or Peppermint shrimp?

    I want to add a couple of shrimp to my tank. Should I go with a Blood red fire, peppermint, or skunk cleaner shrimp. 29 gal. No shrimp eating inhabitants. Looking for suggestions or pros and cons. Thanks..........MCF
  6. maroonclownfan

    Hagen test kits?? Good? Bad?

    I just bought a Hagen test kit, whats the reliability of the results? Any good or bad experiences.
  7. maroonclownfan

    Bow front or corner??

    UPGRADE!!! Maybe? I am looking at new tanks either a bow front or a corner tank. Any pros and cons? Your thoughts are appreciated. Space is a concern, so I am looking at a 72 gal bow front or a 54 or 94 gal Corner. I know the dimensions of them, but it is still hard to judge, and 4' might...
  8. maroonclownfan

    Scarlets and blue legs??? Together??

    Not of the Star Trek kind.... Just wondering if anyone has had any problems mixing scarlet hermits and blue leg hermits? The LFS was no help. I know the scarlets are pretty much among the most docile of the hermits, but I wonder if the blue legs would harrass the scarlets. Any experiences...
  9. maroonclownfan

    ?? for quazi... about Sailfin Tang

    quazi- I noticed you have a Sailfin tang in your tank. How long have you had it? How big was it when you got it and how big is it now? What do you feed it and how much? I am looking for some comparitive information, I know their requirements, I am looking mainly for growth rate and nutrition...
  10. maroonclownfan

    Clown Tang at LFS

    LFS had a beautiful Clown Tang for $24, about 6 inches long. Almost broke my heart to see him there. If I had a bigger tank I would have bought him, just to give him a fighting chance, even though I have heard that their survival rate is low. He was not shy at all, constantly swimming by the...
  11. maroonclownfan

    Just a couple of pics of my tank

    Finally got some pics downloaded....thought I would share! MCF
  12. maroonclownfan

    My Emerald crab double in size over the weekend *PIC*

    I have two ECs in my 29 gal. The smaller one molted over the weekend. So cool to watch by the way, if you never have. He/she molted right out in the open. Anyway, when it fully emerged this sucker was huge. I still cannot believe the size difference. The pic I attached is the best I could...
  13. maroonclownfan

    Any probs with Quikcrete playsand?

    Bought a 50lb bag of Quikcrete playsand at Home Depot ($2.50) The color is really white when dry. And a small grain size. Looks great for a DSB..... IMO Does anyone have experience with this sand? Any negatives? I plan on using it in my refugium. I currently run CC in my maintank...
  14. maroonclownfan

    Blue Linckia Stars....feed or no feed?

    Does anyone feed their blue linckia stars? Does it benefit them? Mine just kind of hangs out on the LR. Tried to offer him a little food yesterday, didn't seem too interested. .....MCF
  15. maroonclownfan

    My Emerald crab....the freeloader!

    My one emerald crab is sooo lazy. I hardly ever see him cleaning the rocks. But when I feed the fish he is right there to pick up the scraps. Oh and he love to sit and eat my caluerpa. Just not the GREEN HAIR or BUBBLE ALGEA I bought him for. Oh well, I have two ECs, at least one works, busy...
  16. maroonclownfan

    Green Tang??? Anyone know of these?

    A LFS by me has "Green Tangs" for sale, I tried doing some research on them, but I have never seen them for sale anywhere on the internet. Are they misleading people? Is there any such thing? They sell them for like $10. Could they be a juvenile of some larger tang? They are mostly sold at about...
  17. maroonclownfan

    Green Tang??? Anyone heard of these?

    A LFS by me has "Green Tangs" for sale, I tried doing some research on them, but I have never seen them for sale anywhere on the internet. Are they misleading people? Is there any such thing? They sell them for like $10. Could they be a juvenile of some larger tang? They are mostly sold at...
  18. maroonclownfan

    Big Eye squirrelfish....are my inverts at risk?

    I helped a friend move his SW tank last night and he gave me a Big Eyed Squirrelfish (Hawiian). He seems very docile, as I have viewed him in my friends tank before. He is about 2- 2 1/2" long. I know squirrelfish like to eat crustaceans.. are my hermits, emerald crab, or snails, in any...
  19. maroonclownfan

    Big Eye squirrel fish (hawiian) in a reef tank????

    Last night I helped a friend move his SW tank and he gave me a 2 1/2" Big Eye squirrelfish, I had observed him in my friends tank, and he has always seemed very docile. My question is.....I know that there diet consists partly of crustaceans, are my hermits, snails, or emerald crab at risk...
  20. maroonclownfan

    Phytoplankton-What's the deal?

    How hard is it to cultivate phytoplankton? What is required to do so? What corals benefit most from this and how often is it used? Thanks. AJ