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  1. ohioreef

    Squidd - Thank You!!

    Squidd, I asked you for help about a year ago in reference to flow in my tank. (Link ) I finally got around to deciding to upgrade my plumbing to 1" from the 3/4" and WOW what a difference!!! It's something I've been tossing around doing, but never quite got the time to do it, well I finally...
  2. ohioreef

    Persistent HA

    Arrrggggggg!!!!! I have been fighting HA for 2 or 3 months now. I thought that I'd tried everything but it just keeps coming back. My nitrates are 0, my PO4 is 0 (I'm running a PO4 reactor), I have chaeto in my fuge and it's growing well. I use RO water for TO and water changes. I recently...
  3. ohioreef

    VHO Bulb Question

    I just installed VHO lighting on my tank on Feb 10. I noticed today that the bulbs are showing signs of blackening on the ends already. Is this normal? Thanks
  4. ohioreef

    Lighting Schedule ?

    I have just upgraded my lighting from 80W NO to 220W VHO!!! I am cutting my lighting schedule back a little until the fish get used to the brighter light. My lighting plan is to eventually get to this: 10A Actinics On 12P Daylights On 8P Daylights Off 10P Actinics Off Is 2 hours...
  5. ohioreef


    I just got a Blue Tang from my LFS. I think that he has HLLE. I've attached a photo below. Is this HLLE? How should I treat it?
  6. ohioreef

    Chaeto Dead?

    I have some chaeto in my fuge. It is light green/yellow in color and floats on the surface. It is no longer in a ball, but rather spread out on the surface. I just received some new chaeto from, well, I'll call him "Bob", and it is a dark green ball and sinks. Is mine dead/dying? If so that...
  7. ohioreef

    Strainer on powerhead?

    I have 2 MJ 1200s in my tank. Should I use the plastic strainers on the intakes? Mine keep getting filled up with the HA in my tank. Would HA going through the impellor hurt it?
  8. ohioreef

    Water Parameter Opinion Please

    I tested my parameters tonight and they are as follows: pH 8.2 alk 2.5 Am 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 PO4 0 Ca 460 Should any of these be adjusted? If so, which one(s) and how should I go about doing it. My Ca has been 460 since I switched to Oceanic salt. I was using IO...
  9. ohioreef

    Oceanic Salt Bad?!?

    I read a post on another board that was claiming that Oceanic salt was causing his HA outbreak? I recently switched to Oceanic and am fighting a never ending battle with HA. Has anyone else experienced this or any other issue with Oceanic? Is it even possible? My corraline has really taken off...
  10. ohioreef

    pH, Ca, Alk relation

    I understand that pH, Ca and Alk are all inter-related. My Ca is around 460, my Alk is 2.5 and my pH is 7.9. Would the low Alk and high Ca cause my pH to run low? Should I be concerned and try to raise my alk? What should I use to raise it? Thanks
  11. ohioreef

    Power Loss - Temp Drop

    Due to an ice storm, I lost power for about 14 hours. My tank dropped to about 70 degrees from a normal 78 degrees. Should I be concerned? Should I let the heater heat it back up slowly or should I help it along with heated water? All I have in my tank is a yellow tang, 2 damsels, 2 feather...
  12. ohioreef

    PO4 Reactor Help

    I have been running a PO4 reactor using RowaPhos as my media. I'm kinda confused on how much the media should be tumbling. The RowaPhos directions say to just have the surface moving, but other people tell me that it should all be tumbling. Which is correct? If I turn it down to where the...
  13. ohioreef

    Feather Duster - 2 Crowns?

    I got a feather duster today that has 2 crowns. Is it possible for there to be 2 worms in a tube or does mine actually have 2 crowns?
  14. ohioreef

    Ca and Alk Balancing

    I rcv'd my Ca test today. My Ca tested at 460. My Alk is 2.5. I'm thinking that this is out of whack. How do I balance the two? I know after they are balanced I can use a 2 part additive to keep the levels balanced. If it matters, I have started using Oceanic salt for the last couple of water...
  15. ohioreef

    Limewater in Auto Top Off

    I have an auto-topoff system set up on my tank. It uses an air-pump with a float switch to top off the tank when it drops about 1/4 gallon. It runs approx every 8 hours or so. I evaporate a little over 1/2 gallon, give or take, each day. I was thinking of using limewater in place of RO in my top...
  16. ohioreef

    Lighting Opinion

    I am finally getting my VHO set-up wired up and ready to go. I currently do not have a reflector behind the bulbs. Would using bulbs with 180 degree reflectors work okay or should I put in a reflector?
  17. ohioreef

    ID Please

    I have noticed small sand piles on my sandbed. Tonight I noticed that this one had a small tube like structure sticking up out of it. Any ideas what it is?
  18. ohioreef

    Switching Substrate Question

    I currently have SD as my substrate. The problem is I can't keep a good current blowing over the sand w/o it making dunes. I have been thinking of slowly beginning to vac the sand out and replace it with something a little larger. What particle size should I be looking for? I'm wanting something...
  19. ohioreef

    Margarita Snail ?

    Can margaritas right themselves if they fall down?
  20. ohioreef

    Skimmer not skimming

    I have a SeaClone skimmer. While it's not the best one out there, mine has done pretty well, up to now. I put in a phosphate reactor and now it seems that my skimmer isn't pulling much out. I read that DOCs will bind to PhosBan. I am running RowaPhos, but my understanding is that they are...