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  1. brettd

    Identification Please

    I just got back from a 3 day vacation, which I had a buddy feeding my corals and fish, when I see hundreds of these things in my tank. Does anyone have any idea what they are and if they are a problem? (The little brownish green things on the acrylic)
  2. brettd

    Which of my Fish are Reef safe?

    I've begun putting corals in my 180 after some setup changes. I removed the fish and put them in my quarantine tank before I started to setup the display for corals. The fish I have are: 1 3.5" Clown Trigger 1 1.75" Huma Trigger 1 4" Majestic Angel 1 3.5" Emperor Angel 3 Yellow Tangs 1 Purple...
  3. brettd

    Cupramine absorption in rock

    I have some rock that was in an aquarium when Cupramine was used. Does anyone think that it would be safe to put it in an aquarium containing corals? Cupramine claims that it's not absorbed by your filter bed, but I'm very hesitant. Should I leave the rock in the garbage?
  4. brettd

    MH Bulb Temp for Corals

    I currently have a 180 that has been a fish only tank. I'm starting to add some corals and I was wondering about my lighting choice. Currently, I have 3 20K MH and 4 48" T5s (2 10Ks and 2 actinic). Should I change the bulbs in the MH to a lower temp bulb for the corals or is it not necessary...
  5. brettd

    How long before Ich is visable

    As the topic says: How long before Ich is visable once the host is infected? Thanks.
  6. brettd

    Could I still have Ich?

    My FO aquarium was infected by Ich. I removed all inverts and LR and put it into Hypo on June 6. All has been great and I was about to raise the salt levels until I saw a single white spot on my Angel. It's on his body not fin. I have a Powder Blue Tang (Ich Magnet), two Yellows and several...
  7. brettd

    Sequence Barracuda 115v or 230v

    I just purchased a new Sequence Baracuda water pump. It comes wired for 115V and can be rewired for 230v. Is there any reason to give it the 230v other than motor life? Is there a savings on electricty by going to 230?
  8. brettd

    Ich in the mobile stage

    I had a breakout of Ich and Marine Velvet just before Christmas. I lost all my fish (Clown trigger, Power Blue Tang, Emperor Angel, Flame Angel, Spiny Puffer, Hippo Tang, Banded Butterfly, and another Butterfly) except one Yellow Tang and a Damsel. I've been treating my fish only tank (180)...