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  1. azonic

    ya know what sucks?

    ...losing the first fish that went in your tank. :( "violet", my purple tang died yesterday for reasons unknown to me. She was added to my tank 7 months ago after the cycle. She stopped eating friday afternoon, saturday morning she was dead...never showed any sign of disease and all the other...
  2. azonic

    Check out this auction!

    It's an auction I have running..for canadians only. Looooook at how much it's gone up to already! $$$$
  3. azonic

    Hagen Test Kit Directions. Anyone?

    I've got Hagen tests for Calcium and KH/GH....but I've lost the directions for them. Does anyone have the directions handy and could post them to the board for me? Would be much appreciated.
  4. azonic

    Coralline Algae Question

    My tank is roughly 6 months old, and what I'm finding is that lately I'm really starting to see my coralline algae growth take off....but only on the plastic things in the tank. :mad: Both of my returns in either corner are covered in various sized spots of purple coralline which is spreading...
  5. azonic

    Another pink yuma pic..good quality this time

    The first pic I posted of my pink yuma wasn't very clear, so I thought I'd post a better shot of my new favorite coral :jumping:
  6. azonic

    Pink Yuma Ricordia

    Apparently these are supposed to be hard to find and quite expensive. I picked up this 2.5" for $45 canadian....approx $35 USD.... quite the steal from what I've been reading. Sorry for the slight blurryness. New camera hasn't been mastered yet. Close-up
  7. azonic

    Check out my ONE MONTH before and after

    I posted a pic of my tank on October 22.....I took a new pic tonight...there is quite a noticable difference. Anyone think I need anymore live rock? I've got 140 pounds in there. Oct 22 - Before Dec 1 - After
  8. azonic

    Pssssssst!! Someone wants to meet you!

    Meet Penny, my new Copperband Butterfly. She's the newest addition and probably the last one for quite a while now that my tank is creeping up on the 6 month old mark. I told myself with this tank that I'd wait before seriously delving into the corals again, and 6 months old was the time period...
  9. azonic


    I'm gonna try to keep this short. Here goes I came home today to a burning smell in my room....immediately checked the tank and found my heater had shorted out and melted itself around the power strip. After a struggle to remove it, I decided to remove the damaged powerbar and use a temporary...
  10. azonic

    Clown Gobies

    Mine was missing for the past 2 days....I looked everywhere for him and thought he must of died in one of the rocks.... Anyway, I decided to do one last check a few minutes ago and I found him!! Perched in between two rocks in a little cave I didn't know about it. Anywho...anyone else have any...
  11. azonic

    Pod Question

    I was looking in my sump this evening with a flashlight(im missing a tiny clown goby...thought he may of taken a ride to the sump), and I took a look closeup of the peice of filter floss dividing the skimmer chamber and return chamber of my sump. The thing was absolutely covered in pods. They...
  12. azonic

    What A Frickin' Deal

    man oh man oh man, I got quite the steal today. Someone posted an ad on a local newsgroup today selling 2 percula clowns, 35 pounds of live rock, and a few hermit crabs. I emailed her to setup a time to view the stuff and tonight I went over to check it out. Well when I got there, sure enough...
  13. azonic

    FREE BEER!!! (Question about beginner SPS corals as well)

    Well first of all, there is no free beer in this thread. so HA! I want to know if the numerous SPS Junkies think my tank is ready for any SPS corals? It's a 5 month old 110 with dual 250 xm's. lifereef 24" skimmer if it matters. Calcium maintained at 480. alk is 5 meg/l ? something like that...
  14. azonic

    35 Gallon Diamond tank

    Will anything "aggresive" be ok in a 35 gallon diamond? Even for the short term? I got a good deal on the tank today and don't know what to do with it.
  15. azonic

    Brown Algae(Diatoms?) On sand bed...

    My tank has been running for close to 5 months now. During the cycle I had the usual diatom bloom for a week or two and it went away. I added MH lighting over the tank a little over a month ago and since then I'm getting a lot of brown algae growing on the sand bed. I'm assuming the algae is...
  16. azonic

    New additions today.

    I don't have any pictures yet, waiting on my digital camera replacement to arrive...anyway I picked up a few things for the tank today....I went to the LFS to get something for the $25 credit I had for trading in a mushroom rock I grew and ended up coming home with a pink/red ricordia($80 for...
  17. azonic

    Scientists Conduct First-Ever Fish Census

    Good Read...
  18. azonic

    Finally got some pics of my new tank!

    Digital camera arrived in the mail today and I've taken 145 pics of my tank so far. The camera is damaged inside and needs to be returned to be replaced but I had to use what I could of it for the day I had it! :mad: Anywho, hope you enjoy! #1 - My stand
  19. azonic

    I'm doing some "hiring"

    Well, my reef is starting to get a few corals and fish in it now and I think it's time I "hire" a better Janitorial staff :D ;) I have 4 fish in the tank which are going to be the only guys in there for a while until I get the thing blocked with corals. The fish are as follows: Purple Tang Blue...
  20. azonic

    Damn stressful hobby!

    [Start Rant] Anyone else here love blue tangs but hate them at the same time? I know I do! I had nothing but bad experiences with the few I tried to keep over the course of my previous tank and I was very discouraged about getting one for my new tank.(4 months old). I was in my LFS today while...