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  1. dreeves

    Caulerpa In Reef

    How do we get rid of Caulerpa in the reef?
  2. dreeves

    Nautilus EX Skimmer

    Anyone have one, use one or have an opinion on one? Not interested in opinions of other skimmers...
  3. dreeves

    Bang, Kipass or ?? 250watt MH/MV

    I posted awhile back about getting the 250watt MV, Iwasaki 65K light for my little reef...anyways. I finally got the canopy pretty much completed and took it for a test run question is...with the tank being 24 inches deep and the bulb being about 14 inches above the surface, is...
  4. dreeves

    Anemone Tank

    Anyone have or know of somewhere who has a species only, anemone tank? Thanks.
  5. dreeves

    Why is My Ca kicking my Butt?

    My Ca is 250, my Alk is 5.53meq/l, my ph is 8.1... I have conducted 25-30% water changes every other day for about a week now...the first 3 were 24 hours between them...yesterday, I added 1 tsp kalk to 1.5 gallons water...added it throughout morning...the Ca actually went down to 240 or so, I...
  6. dreeves

    HID Lighting

    If I built a setup for the Iwaski 250watt. 6500k light...and coupled it with a 95 watt VHO superactinic...would this be an adequate setup for a 45? Thanks in advance.
  7. dreeves

    Kent DI Resins

    Anyone ever regenerate the Anion resins from Kent for their DI system? Any pointers with the Sodium Hydroxide?
  8. dreeves

    Feeder Fish

    For triggers...what is a good type?
  9. dreeves

    Coralline Algae coralline is bleaching on some of the rocks...but yet growing on other parts of the tank..i.e..PVC, powerheads, etc. Any ideas?
  10. dreeves

    MH Bulbs

    What is a good all around MH bulb? I am looking to put either a single 175 or 250 on my 45, but only want to have one preferably without any supplemental actinic lighting.
  11. dreeves


    What are some hard shelled shrimp to feed triggerfish?
  12. dreeves

    Sand Siftinf Star

    Will I ever see this guy again? I put him in the tank...he sank, buried himself...see ya later...being he is new after a day...i un-sanded him, he crawled three inches over and buried himself they ever come up for air er water?
  13. dreeves

    O2 Reactor

    Anyone use one?'s-con's... Thanks.
  14. dreeves

    SWF Live Sand

    I purchased and received 25 pounds of LS from the sand..rinsed it well in saltwater...put it in tanks, refuges the tanks are cycling. This isn;t a good thing... Reckon this will be a short cycle?
  15. dreeves ricordia

    About 5 weeks ago I received a ricordia from here...the rock in which it was attached to, crumbled and left about a 1/2 " sliver in which the ricordia was attached...the ricordia has since detached itself from this small piece. How do I re-attach it to a rock? Thanks
  16. dreeves

    Switching over to DSB

    After my recent switch in my 90, from crushed coral to DSB...I have learned a few things... More notably are: -No matter how hard you is messy, cloudy, creates a cycle and is a time consuming process... -No matter how hard I tried...crabs and snails become victims... -Sand storms...
  17. dreeves

    Growing Pods

    What can one do to increase the population, and maintain a level of pods in the aquarium? Food, habitat, etc... Thanks
  18. dreeves

    300 gph Overflow Needed

    Looking for a 300gph overflow. Thanks
  19. dreeves

    Brand of Kalkwasser

    What brand of Kalkwasser does everyone use?
  20. dreeves

    Aragonite Sand

    200 pounds, pure aragonite sand shipped to Windsor, CT for $117.80.