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  1. mrdc

    Calcium Reactor

    To get or not to get? How do they work and are they easy to work? A particular brand to get? Just thought about getting some thoughts from you all before I start doing my internet research.
  2. mrdc

    Suggestions of coral placement

    I have a couple of corals that are alive but just aren't growing very fast if at all. Right now they are on the sand bed and receive decent current. The corals are mostly encrusting montipora like jedi mind trick and sunset montipora and a few digitatas. I have a tall tank and I have 2x150x...
  3. mrdc

    Medication for Fin Rot

    Im pretty sure my purple tang has fin rot. Since I don't have a QT tank, I am target feeding him with seachem's neoplex. Basically I am putting the neoplex and fox in a cube of mysis, add some saltwater and let it sit for a bit while stirring it occasionaly. I know the stuff probably isn't...
  4. mrdc

    Time to give me a refresher course on alkalinity

    Why do I have to add more alkalinity to my tank than anything else? It is always thing to drop so I have to add it every 2 days. The magnesium and calcium levels tend to stay stable. Anyone know?
  5. mrdc

    Adding new live rock?

    Gosh it has been so long since I added live rock from a store, I thought I would ask a question ot two. Is there anything I should do before I add a store bought live rock to my tank? Maybe dip it in tap water? The piece is from a store that has a lot of death in their tanks and I don't want...
  6. mrdc

    Kent Carbon Recall

  7. mrdc

    My friend's tank

    He hasn't done a water change in 3 years, hasn't had a filter in two years, has two working power heads, a non working skimmer I think and dosen't dose anything. Not sure how he does it. He does have a lot of algae on the glass but everything else looks pretty good. This hammer is bigger than...
  8. mrdc

    30g Coming Around

  9. mrdc

    Is this bad for chalice?

    My chalice appears to be shedding. Is that a bad thing?
  10. mrdc

    Anyone have the aquac ev-120 skimmer?

    If so, what has your experience been like?
  11. mrdc

    SPS Food

  12. mrdc

    Breeding Shrimp

    Does anyone have any tips on setting up tank for breeding cleaner or fire shrimps?
  13. mrdc

    What kind of starfish is this?

    Its the picture being used for the saltwater fish stories on the front page. It looks like a chocolate starfish but instead is red. Just curious because it looks sweet.
  14. mrdc

    How to get a tang to eat?

    So I got a purple tang last Thursday and he will not eat. Though last night he may have picked a few mysis off the sand bed but I have yet to see him eat anything free floating. Now what hair algae I did have, he has consumed and he picks at the rocks all day. This is a pretty big tang also...
  15. mrdc

    Ok, what will come of the foiled IRAN assasinate attempt?

    I'm saying nothing will be done since we haven't done anything to them but levy sanctions against their country for god knows how long. Sanctions won't do anything when you still have countries like China and Russia selling weapons and whatever else to them. We had a chance to maybe do...
  16. mrdc

    Purple and Two Spot Bristletooth Tang Compatibility

    I was thinking of adding a smaller purple tang to my tank that currently houses a two spot bristletooth tang (about 2 years old). Bad or good idea? I have read that purples can be aggressive but is that usually to members that are of similar body type to them or are they just plain out...
  17. mrdc

    Explain this whole Wall Street protester thing!

    I haven't been following it much but it's hard to miss whenever I turn on the news but I still really don't know what their goals are. Are they protesting against those that run the financial institutions? What do they hope to accomplish? Anyway, someone enlighten me!!
  18. mrdc

    What are snails supposed to be cleaning?

    My snails prefer the glass, back of the tank and overflow chamber. Basically all flat surfaces. I hardly ever see them on the rocks but at least the nas snails are in the sand. Do the snails prefer the flat surfaces because it feels better? I mean they probably never get such a smooth...
  19. mrdc

    Anyone ever use the Seachem strontium test kit?

    The Seachem rep gave me one yesterday at our semi-annual reef club meeting and holy cow, this thing is freaking complicated!! The directions truly suck!