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  1. patandlace

    My 45 Gal

    Looks good! The trigger will eventually need a little more room to roam. Tank looks nice,
  2. patandlace

    frogspawn help

    What kind of lights do you have? Are any corals near it that could be stinging it? Any fish that could be nipping it?
  3. patandlace

    fish breathing fast

    How long have you had the fish? How did you acclimate it? You said you "changed your salt level". Did you do this gradually or a big change at once? Post your other water tests when you check them.
  4. patandlace

    Phytoplankton Culture?

    Phytoplankton is microscopic floating plant life, it's used to feed corals and other inverts. I'm not sure how to culture it. I just buy it in the bottles. If you run a search on this site you should be able to find info on culturing it. I remember coming across a few threads on this subject.
  5. patandlace

    cleaning sand???

    You don't need to manually clean the sandbed. A cleanup crew should do the job just fine.
  6. patandlace

    cycling ?

    Just let the cycle run it's course untill the ammonia and nitrite read zero. You will still have nitrates. Then you can start doing water changes to get the nitrates down.
  7. patandlace

    Vacation Feeding

    I wouldn't sweat it. Alot of people don't feed their fish daily.
  8. patandlace

    Are these parameters ok? Are my fish comfy?

    How big are the tangs? I'd say they'll probably need a bigger tank eventually. I would try to get the nitrates down before you add coral (as close to 0 as you can). What kind of lights do you have?
  9. patandlace

    Finally my new mandarin

    Nice looking fish! Good luck.
  10. patandlace

    starting to get a few coral

    Nice! What size tank is it? When the xenia starts to get out of control let me know, we can work out a trade or something.
  11. patandlace

    Hi guys Im a newbie that just had a major tank meltdown

    How long has the tank been set up? What are the water readings?
  12. patandlace

    Foxface Questions

    A smaller one would be fine in a 55 for a while IMO. I would plan on upgrading eventually though. I agree with leftyblite about their personallity. They are fun fish. I've fed mine out of my hands before but don't on a regular basis. I don't want him to start associating my hand in the tank with...
  13. patandlace

    Square Back Anthias

    I have one under PC lights and It's colors are still very bright. Can't say about brighter lights.
  14. patandlace


    I have some under PC's. I keep them towards the middle-top of the tank and they do great.
  15. patandlace

    Our 75 gallon transfer...

    Nice change. It looks great!
  16. patandlace

    Mushrooms and Trumpets. How easy?

    Mushrooms might do ok, but I wouldn't try the trumpets. You can find 48" 260 watt PC fixtures for around $100 shipped. If you were to get that you'd be able to keep soft corals and some LPS corals. Depends on what you want in your tank.
  17. patandlace

    New pieces + a suprise at home

    Nice! I like the rics.
  18. patandlace

    growing mushrooms what else

    Things like sponges, chili coral, sun coral and some gorgonians would be fine.
  19. patandlace

    RO/DI question

    Airwaterice makes good rodi units that aren't too expensive. I have the compact reefers one, and I'm happy with it.
  20. patandlace

    My Hippo Tang

    What exactly are your water parameters? What size tank is it in? How long have you had it? How did you acclimate it? I would try feeding it frozen mysis shrimp or brine soaked in vitamins and fresh garlic. Algae sheets soaked with the same also to start. To try to get it eating. Sounds like he's...