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  1. timo

    Seneca Park Zoo Reef

    I took these pictures last July visiting the Seneca Park Zoo reef exhibit, located in Rochester, N.Y. I know nothing about the system except that it's awesome. Right across from it is the polar bear area. One of the finest zoo's in America.
  2. timo

    Reef shower curtin

    Many of you may have these, and think this thread will be something different. I just changed my old reef pic shower curtin for a new, different one. Isn't it funny how a new shower curtin makes the bathroom smell like it was just cleaned? I think that's what I"ll do when my bathroom needs...
  3. timo

    Adding clown to established tank

    Well, here's my new big thing. I just added a juvinile GSM clown to my tank ( ) and the resident GSM commensed an [hr] kicking. It has subsided with the lights off, so, I ask the board, has anyone added this species as I have together...
  4. timo

    My Aiptasia control

    My SPS tank grew an abundance of aiptasia, which seriously encroached on my corals. With much debate, I added a Copperbanded butterfly fish. After a short bout of Ich, controlled and eradicated with the help of a UV sterilizer (which I employ on all 3 tanks on a rotation) the fish did a great...
  5. timo


    Forgive me for asking, but where's my name in the list of current members? It's been missing for several months.
  6. timo

    New pictures

    A few assorted shots...
  7. timo

    cpr bakpak

    Which powerhead would one recommend for the cpr bakpak2 RR skimmer? I've run a mj900 for a few months but started to think that may reduce contact time. ? Thanks TimO
  8. timo


    Is a picture of surfing dolphins.
  9. timo

    Algae eaters with Triggers

    Hair algae started in my 55 with two 4 inch Triggers, a HumuHumu and a Niger. Is there a solution? Two Turbos I added last month have stayed alive despite the Humu picking at it regularly the first 3 weeks. I know I overfed for awhile, and that will end... Is there anything "trigger safe" I...
  10. timo


    OK... I've seen this on some sites, and a store here sells them. What's the deal with 'em. Does anybody out there have them? How are they properly used? Setup and all...They seem cool, but why would I want to do it? Thanks Tim
  11. timo

    Time yet before I move

    I'll be moving cross country in about 6 months. What have others done to bring their tanks with them and keep them alive? I've got a 55 with 2 4in. Triggers, 20 with a dominoe, and a 30 reef with many corals and 2 clowns (small) and a dwarf Angel. I want to stand on the shoulders of those...
  12. timo

    Hermit Stunts!!!

    Hey... Who can't stop and appreciate the pure joy of watching a hermit crab crawl up the silicone bead at the corner of the tank, get about half way up, and then fall straight to his arse! Kinda reminds me of real life!!! :) :p :)
  13. timo

    Aiptasia... Out!

    Just want to share... I've maintained my one surviving Aiptasia (from the shrimp) till the other day. I left it as it did no harm. Then it took to the too near a coral, so I yanked the rock it was on (no corals on that one), took it to the sink, poured table salt on it, waited a...
  14. timo

    Work Here!!!

    Does this seem like a place that you'd like to work? Don't know where this is, my GF gave it to me. HUH?:p :p :cool:
  15. timo

    Tank size calculator

    To find the true gallonage of your tank, apply the following formula: L x W x H divided by 231 :) I have encountered several tanks for sale that are overrated.
  16. timo

    Skimmer Scum...

    So what are the actual componants of the green juice we all trash everyday? Could there re-useable things here? What about as a plant fertilizer? Organic, to boot! Well, just a thought. Let's hear it!!! Tim:p
  17. timo

    Emerald Crabs...

    Is there any thing I can supplement their diet, as I beleive the two I added recently are eating more than I want them to... My reef is more important to me than they are, so... Feed them specifically or take 'em back???
  18. timo

    creature ID

    Just saw with a flashlight a .5 inch beige insect looking thing crawling about my pipe organ coral. Looks like a cross between a praying mantis and a small cockroach with it's tail curled under. Any knoledge? I lost my link to "odd critters". It's had to have been there for at least 2 weeks...
  19. timo

    two questions

    First: Would placing a small mushroom in a less than desirable spot induce it to move, thereby regenerating one from where it is now? Second: Could anybody post some links to good identification and taxonomy of sponges? Preferably with pictures(LOL). I just moved LR around and was surprised at...
  20. timo

    Crabs Perch

    Saw a hermit in a position between two rocks for several hours after work today, no telling how long it had actually been there. It looked stuck. I opened the top up, freed the crab, and what do you know... it was back less than 5 minutes later, exact same spot!!!:rolleyes: :cool: :eek: