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  1. dima96

    baby bangaii help?

    well i was moving the last of my fish into my new tank, my bangaii gave birth:D . i have 13 babies right now that are in plastic tub floating in the new tank. any suggestions on what i should do now? i will try to get brine shrimp eggs in the am.
  2. dima96

    sunday 9 pack

    hope your thirsty. new teal zoos
  3. dima96

    what are my chances?

    i found some great deals at the lfs this morning. i got a refractometer, a finger leather 5# of ls (slowly adding a dsb), 12 gal ro/di water and a 5# piece of lr that was covered in life. this piece of rock has 3 different type of zoos, a bout 30 feather dusters, a quarter sized carpet anemone a...
  4. dima96

    cpr bak pak owners

    i need to know how far the it sticks out from your tank and the distance from the bottom of the return to the bottom of the unit? i'm looking into buying one, but i have some clearence issuses, so i want to make sure it will fit. thanks doug
  5. dima96

    rodi question?

    i decided now that i am work full time again. that i need to use rodi water in my tank. my question is, are the rodi prep chemical needed or are they snake oil? and does anyone have the typhoon unit and if so what do you think of it? i hope i don't need to buy one but if my lfs doesn't get open...
  6. dima96

    green veggie for a tang?

    i just got a sailfin tang. i have seaweed selects and will be getting some formula 2. my question is what green veggies should i be feeding him? i know about spinach and broccoli is there anything else that i might try? him was picking at the lr within 2 min of releasing him
  7. dima96

    zoo propagation

    i have some bright green zoo that are spreading onto a near by rock. my question is how do i go about seperating them? what about the toxins?
  8. dima96

    new shrimp!

    I bought a skunk clear shrimp on thrusday(finally found a big one), and was a little worried about the shrimp with dottyback. the dottyback has eaten 2 peppermint shrimp. Yesterday who should be getting cleaned but the dottyback. I'm still trying the fish trap once the lfs that will take him...
  9. dima96

    watch i found the digi cam

    banggaii and green tree
  10. dima96

    leather question

    last weekend i bought a leather from an lfs. this morning i woke up and the stalk was bent but ployp are still out is this normal or is something wrong with it? tank specs in sig
  11. dima96

    banggaii question

    ok i've read the other post about sexing banggaiis. i have 2 of them that i got at different times and they hang out together all most all the time. does this mean i have a male and a female or nothing at all?
  12. dima96

    thanks for the good info

    i just wanted to say thanks for the info. i mostly lurk because someone usually has asked my question. any way my tank has been up for about 10 monthes and is doing great. i just dropped off the 1st frag (just mushrooms) out of my tank and just fraged my gsp and anthillia. i don't think that...
  13. dima96

    clown in fuge? bad idea?

    ok one of my percs got the crap kick out of him and wasn't doing well(near death), so i caught him and placed him i one of the little tank thing they use at lfs it has hole drilled in it for water flow. but now he is doing better. and what i was wondering will he eat all the pods in my fuge if i...
  14. dima96

    different kinds of clowns in the same tank?

    i was wondering if anyone has had any luck keeping different kinds of clowms in the same tank and if so what kinds? i was thinking about trying it but wanted some advice.
  15. dima96

    crab id

    i found a hicthhiker this morning. it is a white crab eith the whole body covered with white hairs. it has black eyes and the shell is about 1/2 inch wide. he is really cool looking, but i need to know more about him before i know if it stays or goes. i'll try to get a pic of him later
  16. dima96


    i just added a 5# piece of Brazilian live rock from lfs (btw i know this lr legal and environmentally friendly. this lfs is very good about this kind of stuff) but anyway the lr is covered in barnacles and i was wondering if they need anything special. this piece of rock is just full of really...
  17. dima96

    snail eggs ??

    i already have many baby snails, i belive they are certh snails, and i just found a certh snail on the glass with a white zig zag trail behide it are these egg and if so is this common
  18. dima96

    anemome and pecrs

    i bought a sabae today, after reading in many places that percs would host in them. so far they are ignoring the sabae, what i would like to know has anyone found a way to trick tank raised clowns into hosting in a anemome. thanks
  19. dima96

    help i have a bully

    I have a fairly young 75 gal reef tank to be. This morning i found my orange knobby star beaten up badly and when i got home he was in far worse shape. also a few days ago basicaly the same thing happened to my arrow crab. here is what is in my tank, 1 percula, 3 yellowtail damsels, 1 peppermint...