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  1. nano reefer

    starting SPS

    can anyone link to an SPS guide? i'm looking to move over to hard corals, but i'm kinda lost. I nkow about trace elements and dosing, lighting, and flow. but is there anything else?
  2. nano reefer

    my new leather wont open, suggestions

    hey everyone, i bought a lobed leather coral from SWF a little over a week ago. but he wont open. i have him in medium light, and high flow. all the other corals i got are doing great, but this guy wont open. the toadstool i have is doing great too. how can i get this guy to open up. i havent...
  3. nano reefer

    you will help me.

    so yeah, my beautiful and expensive palythoa colony isnt doing to good. i did a FW dip and guess what i saw? about 1-2 DOZEN small clear bubbleish things covering each of my palythoas. i figure these are nudibranch. so last nite a did a 5 min FW dip and 10 mins of a lugol dip. same thing...
  4. nano reefer

    can i kep a mantis in a biocube?

    can a mantis shrimp live ina 14g biocube? i thought the tank was acrylic, but it is apparently glass. even though i can slice it with a razor blade, and scrath it, i have been told 100% that they are glass. not sure.
  5. nano reefer

    if you could pick...

    okay, tight budget so here are my options: Green with orange tipped clove polyps a ricordea (either purpleish brown yuma or orange/blue florida) small green tipped leather 5 polyps of zoos (practically any color) candy cane (1 normal size head, or 3 mini heads) pick 2 of those or just get a...
  6. nano reefer

    2 types of sand, help

    Hey everyone. it sbeen forever since i've been on here. Anyway, i siphoned out too much sand over time and went out and got some. it isnt aragonite, and it definitely isnt live sand. When i put it in, a light brown algae (like red slime, but a clear brown) formed covering the sand. my...
  7. nano reefer

    Top 500 Songs All Time, what's your favorite?

    what is your 1 favorite song from this list? this has been out for a while, but i downloaded all 500 songs yesterday, and there are so many great tracks in here. Mine is "More Than A Feeling" by "Boston". Certainly not my favorite band on that list (U2 being my favorite), but that is just my...
  8. nano reefer


    hi everyone. its been a while. when i was doing the avatar collage, and wasting my personal life to a website, i realized i had to stop. i deleted everything and avoided for a while. so, sorry to all those who missed out. i also have a confession. i am not 24, i cant bench press 350...
  9. nano reefer


    -Hey guys, I've recently decided to make a collage using all the avatars I could find on this website... -As you can imagine, I have quite a trial ahead of me. We're talking about hours of click-and-dragging -Anyway, I hope to include MANY avatars... -This is a work in progress... -I'm aiming to...
  10. nano reefer

    The OPRAH Thread

    talk about all the things you love/hate about Oprah.
  11. nano reefer

    Mixed Martial Arts... For Children? Unbelievable!

    Pre-teens children are now fighting MMA. if you didnt see it on ESPN, read the article on ESPN, or some youtube videos. this is absolutely disgusting. kids ages 5-12 making each other bleed.... what is this world coming to?
  12. nano reefer

    white spots on frogspawn

    i have these white spot on the stem of my branching frogspawn. they are oval shaped and about the size of 1/2 a pencil eraser. flatworms? any ideas?
  13. nano reefer

    Another Fun Game!

    Simple. In your reply, just put the username of the person who posted before you. that's all. __________________ .If you have a question, Click Here.
  14. nano reefer

    droopy leather

    my toadstool leather has been in my tank for a little over a week. every day his polyps open. and every day he is saggin'. he always is bending over to one side or another. i put up an eggcrte brace to hold him there, and he flops to the other side. he is attatched to a rock, but wont stay...
  15. nano reefer

    The graphics/appearance

    how come our forum doesn't look as good as other vBulletin forums? i see other ones with nice glossy buttons and smooth text. i think if i were a newcomer to the SWF world and i saw 2 forums, i would pick the one that looks shiny, only because a forum that looks good is more likely to...
  16. nano reefer

    Chistopher Walkin... back on SNL... OMG!

    Christopher Walkin is hosting SNL tonight, i am psyched. It's on NBC at 11:30 EST. Be there or be []. I am hoping Will Ferrel will have a cameo and they do some cowbell action.
  17. nano reefer

    The 1,000 Club

    Rules: 1. You must have 1,00 posts or more to post here. 2. Talk about whatever you want. 3. Should there be a debate, the person with more posts has seniority.
  18. nano reefer

    Avatars Are Back!

    i can see them again! i have this thing in Firefox called "AdBlock Plus", it blocks every single pop-up, banner ad, or any advertisement of any type on any site. great thing. however, the filter system had a glitch and all i had to do was update the filters! i am so happy. i highly...
  19. nano reefer

    new bulbs, no pics tho.... 1 question.

    well, my 9 month old 24 watt actinic burned out last week. i got the new replacement today, and boy! what a difference! the water was so nice and purple-y, and seemed clearer. the new 10k is coming in next week, and i will be replacing the 9 month old one that is still working. is this...
  20. nano reefer

    my eyes are burning!

    well, today i got off early from work and chilled at the lake. for some reason, my eyes are extremely blood shot from the lake water and sun combined. probably 6 total hours of swimming and relaxing, and i swim with my eyes open. way to much info. anyhoo, hoe can i get them un-blood shot? i...