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  1. bobbyzat

    Lets see some 75gal reef tanks!!

    Here is my 75. Been up less than a month since the cross country move.
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    Make sure you leave room for growth, cuz once they start getting bigger, many of them will start stinging eachother and fighting for space.
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    drip acclimate snails/hermits

    snails need to acclimate for a while. They aer very sensitive to salinity changes.
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    It might help to give us more details about the filtration on your tank. Many types do a great job of converting ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite to nitrate, but after that, most of the time the nitrate must be removed manually by water changes. Certain things, like a refugium as stated above...
  5. bobbyzat

    RO systems?

    If you search on the internet, you can find some really good deals. I got a 75 GPD with auto shutoff and a pressure tank pretty cheap. In my oppinion, they are fairly easy to hook up. You can buy a faucet diverter, so that there is no permanant changes to your plumbing. Otherwise it will...
  6. bobbyzat

    Advice For New Hobbist

    It is a good idea to bring your hydrometer to your LFS and ask them to test it against one of their refractometers. Sometimes hydrometers can be off.
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    Anemones for Beginnners

    Sounds to me like your light may be a bit weak, and you tank is way too young to have an anemone yet. Best bet is to be patient, and not sacrafice the creature. Also remember clowns don't need anemones, although it is cool to see, but many never host at all. If anything, you might try a hardy...
  8. bobbyzat

    pics???? questions

    Just a few suggestions to save you some heartache. Make sure the tank is totally clean,and their is nothing leftover that will mess with your new environment, like copper. Also, I would suggest you plan your whole livestock list before you start, that way you can research the compatibility all...
  9. bobbyzat

    72" aqualight pro question

    I am not familiar with that light, but I will tell you what I did, and maybe you could alter it to suit your needs. If not, hers a bump. I have a 75 gallon tank with a canopy, and when I upgraded my lights, my new halides 2x250 did not fit inside the canopy with enough room to let me open it...
  10. bobbyzat

    My new Top Off system

    I hate to say it, but no picture will be available for a while. I got this set up shortly before I came over here to Iraq. The switches themselves are very small, slightly wider around that a quarter. The have about a one inch tall float, mounted to a shaft 3/8' or so shaft that is threaded...
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    live rock curing question

    I think like that, the bacteria you need will grow over time, but it will be slow. I feel a skimmer would GREATLY speedup the process, help remove all the stuff causing the ammonia spike.
  12. bobbyzat

    Water Changes!!!!

    There a ton of reasons to do water changes, in my experience, the most important reasons are 1) to dilute/remove the bad things in your water that are hard/impossible to filter out like nitrates. 2) to replace trace elements found in natural seewater tht organisms slowly strip out of the water...
  13. bobbyzat

    cleaning a used tank?

    I would advise against steel wool could scratch and tear up your seals. If it was treated with copper, I believe you can strip the old seals, and redo it, but I would do more research first.
  14. bobbyzat

    Light Problem

    Is there a temperature differance when the bigger lights are on. If your tank is warming up, the water that is saturated with air might not be able to hold as much, so the gas is coming out. At least that is what someone else told me a while back. My tank does it around noon when I go from...
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    Barr Aquatic Skimmers

    no idea, (bump)
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    My new Top Off system

    I just finished my auto top off about two months ago, and it has worked perfectly, so I thought I would tell everyone about it so they could use/improve on the system. It starts with my RO/DI unit, which has a 4 gallon pressure tank. I have a faucet for making new water, and a tube that runs...
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    I need help..........please

    What is your inlet water pressure? I know most units require a higher pressure than normal household pipes will put out, and require a pump of some sort to reach their full GPD output.
  18. bobbyzat

    Seachem products

    does that sound right to everyone else?
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    stocking a 75

    I am looking for suggestions on what other fish to put in my 75 gallon tank. It is gonna be a reef, and so far has a lawnmower blenny, a perc. clown, and 3 green chromis. I am thinking of adding a royal gramma, maybe a coral beauty, and maybe a yellow or purple tang. I am looking for other...
  20. bobbyzat

    purple tang

    any other suggestions?