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  1. sepulatian

    Miss me?

    Hi! I'm baaaccckkkkk
  2. sepulatian

    So, just deleted over 100 posts from Java1... He is quite the jerk, as I am sure you all have seen. Is there a way to delete all, like their used to be? I had to do it 10 at a time all the way down...
  3. sepulatian

    Sick spiny boxfish?

    I am glad that he is eating well, but I don't think he should be puffing up that often. I am going to move this in the hopes of getting you some better answers :-)
  4. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday Scotts!!!!

    Happy Birthday my friend! You are fantastic and I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful day!!!!!!
  5. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday America!!!!

    Happy Birthday to the greatest country in the world! I couldn't post a link so please sing along... If tomorrow all the things were gone, I'd worked for all my life. And I had to start again, with just my children and my wife. I'd thank my lucky stars, to be livin here today. ‘Cause the flag...
  6. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday America!

    It is America's Birthday! God bless ALL of the brave men and woman who have fought for this country, and whom are STILL fighting for it. Take your hat off, salute, place your hand over your heart and thank the lucky stars that you are fortunate enough to live here...
  7. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday renogaw!!!!

    Happy 85th Birthday Ren!!!! I hope that you have an amazing day and it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Happy Birthday man!
  8. sepulatian


    After several months of my computer being down, I am pleased to announce that it is back up and running. Sorry that I haven't been around, but I am back now.
  9. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday crimzy!

    Happy Birthday crimzy!!!!I hope that you have a fantastic day!!
  10. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday Tizzo!!

    Happy Birthday Girlie!! I hope that you have a wonderful day!
  11. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday MichaelTX

    You haven't made it on in awhile, but that doesn't mean that we forgot about you! You will see it when you get back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike!!!
  12. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday Scotts

    Happy Birthday to the very awesome saver of animals, excellent aquarist, and all around great guy SCOTTS!!! Whoo hoo!!! Happy Birthday bud!!! The boards would not be the same without you!
  13. sepulatian

    Alright Boys and Girls, Sep has a tank question...

    I took the top off of my tank tonight, to move some rock, and noticed that my middle brace broke on my 55. No idea how, but it was pretty beat up to begin with. I bought the tank used years ago and the person that had it had set the lights right on the top. It was a bit melted. It is now snapped...
  14. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday YearOfTheNick

    Happy Birthday!!!
  15. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday kjr_trig

    Happy Birthday!!!
  16. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday Veni Vidi Vici

    Happy Birthday!
  17. sepulatian

    Happy Late Birthday JTT!!!

    Happy belated birthday!!
  18. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday ifirefight!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  19. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday Beth!!!!

    Happy Birthday Beth!!!
  20. sepulatian

    Happy Birthday Alix2.0!

    Happy Birthday my dear!!!!