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  1. fishhunter

    Spider conch?

    Hi all, I just bought on of these in hopes it will help clean up my sand bed. I have read on the net and in books that they do a good job at this and they also like to burry them selves in the sand. I would like to know what peoples thoughts are on them. I have a 125 gal reef with 3-6 inches of...
  2. fishhunter

    Hummmm... What do we have here????

    Sorry no pics....Too small.... But anyhelp would be usefull... Anyways I found at least 3 snails that are about 1/4" long look almost like a nassarius snail yet they have black and white bands around the shell....Any idea? It dosnt look like a sundial snail. They must have came on my live rock...
  3. fishhunter

    Here we go! (NEW PICS Nov.3/2010)

    Well its been a long road, I bought the aquarium in Sept.09 and here its Sept.10, finally the aquarium is up and running! Its now just waiting for my shipment of live rock to come in. Going with Bali raw and uncured live rock! Its going to be 8$ a LB so I ordered 200 LBs. So ya where to start! I...
  4. fishhunter

    Im a daddy!

    Well my son was born on March.5/2010! His name is Matthew and was 7 lbs 11 oz. It really is wild! Cant belive that it has happend! Hopfully I can be a good dad! Anyways here is some pics!
  5. fishhunter

    My 14 gal bio cube!

    just some updated pics of my cube! Everything is doing good! even the Acro frag that was given to me. I know I have to clean the glass, and I have no idea why it looks so yellow in the pics... This is my first zoa colony that i bought 1 year ago! now But ya I'll do a good cleaning and take...
  6. fishhunter

    Live Rock!

    So Im going to get a shippment of Tonga Live rock from my local fish store. What can I expect on the rock for hitch hickers! Oh im going with 200 LBs for my 130 gal!
  7. fishhunter

    Reef Octopus Extream 250

    I just bought one, wondering the exact dimensions on it. Ive read that it is 16x16 but from pics that cant really be possible I read some were ales that it is 11.5x18. Can anyone confirm this. Oh and has anyone used this skimmer and if so how is it? Thanks guys
  8. fishhunter

    using calcium reactors without CO2?

    Just a quick question, Would running a calcium reactor with out the CO2 help a reef aquarium at all? Or is it a must! Thanks guys
  9. fishhunter


    So I have a nitrate problem the NH3 and NO2 are great at 0 but my NO3 is at 20-30 ppm! I thought i had beaten it last week.... It started, I belive, when my filter media was used up and a colony of zoas died because of it. I removed the dead colony and it looked as if everything was happy. Then...
  10. fishhunter

    The start of something beautiful!

    Well I did it, I upgraded my aquairum. I still have a long way to go but this is the start! 72"x24"x18" 130 gal 40 gal sump
  11. fishhunter

    New Zoa's

    Bought this a few days ago payed 79.00 for it. Did I get a good deal? And I would like to get an ID. There is over 150 Polyps on this rock.
  12. fishhunter

    nudibranch id?

    I just found this in my tank. It was crawling up the glass. Never seen it befor. Just like to know if its a Zoa eater, safe, or what not. Anyways its going to be dead lol as I dont want to take the chance
  13. fishhunter

    For all you people who think our governments are trustworthy!

    Go and watch Zeitgeist movie. This will show you some little facts on your government... Ours in Canada are no better....
  14. fishhunter


    Do feather duster worms leave there old tube and move around the tank? I have found my large feather duster in the back of my tank and he is moving around... Is this normal...
  15. fishhunter

    Softie ID

    I was told that it was a golden branching leather!Is that what it is?
  16. fishhunter

    My little reef!

    Hi all Im going to post some pics of my biocube from start to now. First off I have had no problems what so ever. I took it slow and easy. Hell i didnt have my first fish in the tank till 2 months after it was set up. In the pics you will notice that there is quite a bit of algae growing on the...
  17. fishhunter

    what are these?

    I dont know what these are. he has been in my tank since day one. Hasnt botherd anything just picks at the rock looking for algy. And i dont know what these are, they seem to have a skeleton so i dont think they are anenomys.
  18. fishhunter

    what kind are these!

    I think they are eagle eyes but dont know thanks for the help i got them for 16$ so i think i got a good deal.
  19. fishhunter

    Here are some pics of my 14 gal bio cube!

    This is my first reef and every thing seems to be going good! I have lost only fish right now.... dont know why... My first fish (scarlet clown) is just fine and healthy but a dart fish has died I'm sure. The cleaner wrasse comited suicide as it jumped into the back of my tank where was the pump...
  20. fishhunter

    I want a list of glues!

    Hey guys i was wondering if some one had a list of good glues to use when attacting corals to rocks or rocks to rocks. I just dont want to use anthing if I'm not sure! Thanks for the help!