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  1. clarkiiboi

    starting over and a question to begin again

    Hey all, it's been almost 2 years since I been here or had my tank up and running. I want to start again and have a question--a simple one (but trust me I forgot alot). I saved all my LS in buckets, not protected though. Would you think I could still use this to start up my tank again? I...
  2. clarkiiboi

    It's been almost 2 years since....

    I had my tank up and running (reef). And that long since I have been on this board. I am back because I am getting the urge again. I have forgot alot, so I will be lurking to get the basics again. Hope I get a warm welcome!
  3. clarkiiboi

    Would anyone like a cool Screen Saver

    Well my puter crashed and I lost my SW screensaver so I'd like to see it also
  4. clarkiiboi

    Favorite Show

    Originally Posted by CELACANTHr Clarkii boi do you think that they switched the actors? I don't think i could stomach that! or do you think they are ending it? or maybe they are just moving to a different city? I haven't looked at any of the spoilers yet, so I dont know if they are ending...
  5. clarkiiboi

    Pit bulls

    Well, I agree with bigarn. I am still weary (sp) about them though. What about a boxer--my neighbors have one and its a gentle dog if and I stress if she knows you. If not, dont touch her yard, house, family, etc. Anyways I found a great website years ago when looking for a dog. Look at...
  6. clarkiiboi

    Favorite Show

    I jumped on the boat for charmed 2 years ago (so did hubbie, he loves Allysa (sp), but who wouldn't). With all the repeats on 2 stations at 2 different times, I caught up on 6 years (I think) in about 6 months, LOL. Bummed its all repeats now on Sundays, if they even show it at all. I guess...
  7. clarkiiboi

    anyone know about power bills real good? is this possible

    It's happened to me, but I am on the budget plan. If you miss a payment or get behind the power company makes you pay the whole amount you really owe to catch you up to a zero balance. Depending on how far you are into the year it could be anywhere from $100 or $400+. Maybe that is a...
  8. clarkiiboi

    anemones being sucked into powerheads

    I've done both methods (used tulle instead of screen though). IMHO, the sponges are better not only for anemones but fish too. I lost a kole tang to a PH b/c my sponge pre- filter fell off. I believe the sponge would of gave him a chance and the tulle would of still let the tang be stuck...
  9. clarkiiboi

    Killer anemone?

    It could happen though, it has with least I believe it ate mine (X2). That was before I knew better.
  10. clarkiiboi

    Crab ID Pleeze :)

    I am going to bump ya cause I am curious. You said it was a crab and the pic is the molt, but it doesn't look like a crab molt (where are the legs). Reguardless of that I have never seen a "crab" with colors like that. Anyone?
  11. clarkiiboi


    I have always read and believe that just means you need to increase the breakage of the surface water. Is the skimmer the only means of this? If so, that could be the problem. HTH.
  12. clarkiiboi

    Skunk Cleaner Shrimps stealing food

    Just wanted to add feed them first and seperately, thats the key IMO. I had issues also, feed them a piece of silverside (something meaty) before you feed the corals and they will take it and retreat. Corals will be left alone after that. HTH
  13. clarkiiboi

    Feeding Shrimp ?

    Just to keep it happy, spot feed it something meaty at least 2-3 times a week, other times it will pick up left over food and bristles (which you do want, IMO). They will or should regrow the lost claws with the next molt. Keep an eye on it though, with each molt it should get bigger and the...
  14. clarkiiboi

    My New Nano Keeps Hiding When I Come Close To My Tank

    I agree with Ohiorn67, mine was very shy at first and then it became too close for comfort when I was reaching in the tank to clean or rearrange. I had 2 sebea clowns, a coral beauty angel, a yellow tang, a pair of firefish, and a scooter blenny. I was overstocked, but on top of it in a 75. I...
  15. clarkiiboi

    rock types

    Yes you can use other rock and seed it with LR like stated, but I cant tell you which ones since I didn't do that and never read up too much on it. I do know that the Lava rock is not a good choice---it could release unwanted toxins (I believe) into the tank. Here's a bump for ya, HTH some.
  16. clarkiiboi

    anenome waste

    Just picture long stringy slimey brown snot flowing from it into the water column, that about sums it up.
  17. clarkiiboi

    Picture posting help!

    Try this scroll down to my posts. HTH
  18. clarkiiboi

    Snail ID please

    What is the operculum--I can guess (and probably be right), but never heard of that word before.
  19. clarkiiboi

    Maroon Clown Scar?

    Opps, they changed it--go to the attach file section and click the manage attachments button.
  20. clarkiiboi

    Maroon Clown Scar?

    If you need a resizer try this link it's free and easy to use. Follow steps 1-4, on step 2 change width to 400, height will set itself. Save in JPEG/bitmap and your ready. If you dont know how after that just click post reply and go down to browse and insert there. HTH