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  1. greenreefer

    Start simple, you don't need all that crap

    My suggestions for someone just starting this reef keeping habit...get out while you still can, jk Keep it simple to start with (and maybe even long term). Start small until you really figure out what you're doing because you're going to upgrade no matter what. Buy something like a biocube...
  2. greenreefer

    need a new camera

    My wife broke our camera on vacation which is a good excuse to buy a new one (used is even better if I can get more for the money). She uses it constantly for taking pictures of our kids and it did a great job of that (sorry I don't remember what it was exactly, but it had a built in lens and...
  3. greenreefer

    Cystalized Reefscape

    Have any of you seen any articles dealing with using geodes or other crystalized rock in a reefscape? I just saw a pretty cool display of crystals under actinics at the FLL Childrens Museum.
  4. greenreefer

    Pump/Powerhead/Plumbing advice, gph and watts important

    I'm building a foam wall (not attached to the back) for my 24 gallon aquapod. I plan for it to be an inch off of the back and 2 inches off of the sides. Because the back wall of an aquapod isn't straight I'll have about a 3 inch gap between the foam wall and the back wall in the middle. I'd like...
  5. greenreefer

    GreenReefer's 24 gallon Aquapod

    It begins... This is my second go round with nano tanks. About 3 years ago I had 2 24 gallon aquapods setup with sunpods and loved them, but I decided to trade them in and go "bigger and better". I went to a 72 gallon bow front, then a DIY 65 gallon frag tank, then a 125. Earlier this year I...
  6. greenreefer

    Attach rock rubble to egg crate options?

    Are there any other options other than superglue, zip ties, or spray foam for attaching rock rubble to egg crate? I wanting to cover the equivalent of 1 full sheet with silver dollar sized pieces.
  7. greenreefer

    stand recommendations for an aquapod 24

    I don't want the standard aquapod 24 gallon stand as it's too small to hold much underneath. I'd prefer black and enough space behind the door for the power cords and an ATO resevoir. I'm thinking maybe the 29 biocube stand, but not wild about the looks, prefer the nano cube stand, but it...
  8. greenreefer

    rio hyperflow 8HF with SCWD for return pump in an aquapod 24?

    I'm setting up another tank (aquapod 24) and I've always used a maxijet 1200 to replace the stock return pump in the past and then used several maxijet 900s in the display for extra movement. I'm thinking about drilling another return on the opposite side and using a rio hyperflo 8HF with a SCWD...
  9. greenreefer

    Fish for an office nano (no one to feed over the weekend)

    I'm setting up a aquapod 24 in my office and I'm not around on the weekend and I occasionally travel, so I'm looking to put together a list of possible fish for my tank size and that can do okay with routinely (evey weekend) go 2 day without being fed. The main focus of the tank will be zoas and...
  10. greenreefer

    I can see it now...the future of message boards everywhere

    Check out this new gizmo. This would be a much more fun way to argue. Someone will start integrating video inot these boards and then bombs away.
  11. greenreefer

    150w vs 175w vs 250w for 22 inch depth

    I'm building a new canopy for my 125 and I'm going back to MH and I'm having a hard time making up my mind. I want a mixed reef, but zoas are my main stay so I don't need to be able to grow SPS on the sand :). I'll use 3 MH bulbs, maybe t5s, and I definately like the blue look. Three questions...
  12. greenreefer

    Modular Rock Aquascape

    I've been wanting to build an aquascape for a while that would basicly be built of (at least on the surface of the structure) removeable 3x3 inch peices of live rock drilled to hold a single frag plug. This would be different than just drilling larger peices of LR with holes, because I want to...
  13. greenreefer

    spacing in canopy for MH lights

    I have a fairly low profile canopy and I'm sure there isn't enough room currently for decent air flow around MH lights. I found a 3 x 250w MH fixture with t5s that I'd like to get. It has top exhaust fans and would sit on legs keeping it about 4 inches above the top of the tank. My question if...
  14. greenreefer

    Zoas for sale or trade

    Finally got the new tank up and running smoothly so it's time to get rid of some extra frags to make room for some new stuff. Bargin prices :) or willing to trade. Willing to take other zoas, rics, toadstool leather (long polyps), open to a variet of lps, and starter sps (colorful monti caps...
  15. greenreefer

    Really want to start keeping SPS, equipment?

    I have been keeping reef tanks for a little over 5 years, but mostly softies and lps. I've tried a couple os sps over the years, but without much luck. I recently setup a 125 and would like to set it up as a mixed reef. Right it is setup it is setup with an 4 foot 8 bulb t5 fixture (grimreefer...
  16. greenreefer

    Marineland H.O.T. Magnum Bio-Pro 350

    $60 shipped obo link to a scematic
  17. greenreefer

    Difference between micromusa and acans?

    What's the difference between micromusa and acan?
  18. greenreefer

    Getting zoas to adjust to my lights

    I've been in between tanks for a while, but a couple of weeks ago my new tank finished cycling and I've got my frags back in. I'm using a 48 inch nova extreme 8 bulb t5 fixture. The fixture is only about 1.5 inches above the surface of the water, shallow canopy. The tank is very bright, except...
  19. greenreefer

    How do acans grow?

    I've been thinking about trying an acan and I recent got a micromusa frag at a local swap. How do these grow? Do they need a rock to encrust or do they build their own skeletal structure?
  20. greenreefer

    Feeding - shut off return and powerheads?

    When you guys feed do you shut off the return and the power heads,just one or the other, or neither? I mostly concerned with stuff like Rod's and Coral Frenzy.