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    FS Conscientious Marine Aquarist

    I am Selling on ----(item #3537441978) The Conscientious Marine Aquarist. By Robert M Fenner Its a great starter book, it is slightly used but is in very good condition. This book has 432 pages that include * Honest advice for Beginners * Great Fishes & Invertebrates * Foolproof Setup...
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    got marine catfish :)

    the other day ago i bought 3 marine catfish, and i gotta admit wow, there doing a better job than hermits or snails would do, well ok they cant clean the glass but the sand is incrediable any one have any idea what there like as far as hardyness and size
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    Bubbles in my sump???

    ok i had my tank set up since late feb early march(2nd run) just about 2 and a half months ago i set up a sump , bought a skimmer, live sand ect... anyways, i have 5 ppm or less of nitrates, ihave had good water quality for a long time now, and the tank is at is prime, well lately i been getting...
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    Calcium Reactor

    i was just wondering what does a calcium reactor actually do? is it the same thing as kent liquid calcium, and if there is any diffrence what is it(other than price) and the obvous things like liquid and machinery but if im right(and i dont think i am but u never know) my guess is that a...
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    got my sump set up

    the subject says it all, my first attempt was a disastor, this time i thought it out alot better, took my time, and spent the after noon setting it up, takeing some live rock from the main tank into the sump , set my skimmer up and got everything going, i simulated a power outage by shutting off...
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    iv bag, or drip bag

    ok i recently had to go to the hospital due to my moms surgury while there i looked up and saw the iv bag hanging down, my brain clicked i was like WAIT A MIN, just imange insted of takeing a shot glass every few mins to acclimate a fish, if you can take some tank water, put it in the bag, and...
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    does Kyolix have an experation date?

    none of my fish are sick(thank goodness) but just in case in the future i want to be ready. i plan on isolating the fish feeding food mixed with Kyolix, once opend is there like a use by now date or experation date or anything like that? also just out of couristiy how much does a bottle normaly...
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    backup power unit

    2 years ago we had a black out that lasted for a few hours, then last year they turned off our power so they can root the power to corporate offices(grin)after seeing a news clip about how in the future ny might be haveing power problems its scary to think what will happen to my fish,personally...
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    what pump should i get?

    right now im currently makeing my sump(slowly but surely) now time for a return pump, its on a 20 gallon tank with a 10 gallon sump, i want to have about 100 gallons per hour maybe a little more, i needs to be fully submergable and it will have exctally 3 feet of head, orginally i was thinking...
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    damm heater !!

    for a few months now i been keeping a tank set up as a JUST IN CASE, orginally i inteded it to be a hospital tank, but due to no sick fish it became a quareteen tank on wedsday i picked up a great looking royal gramma and he was doing great(till last night) everyday i check my temp and salinity...
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    heard of this salt brand?

    i was wondering has anyone heard of marine enterprises salt, its also known as forty fathoms , i found a good deal and wondering if its okay to enact on it
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    got parts for sump , makeing sure i have the right idea

    lately i been wanting to lower my nitrates and brighten up the looks of my tank, i decided i can take some live rock(not much) out of my main tank(20 gallon long) and make a sump my first attempt was not a suscess(go into aquarium under"the great flood") so here i am again going to make it work...
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    what size clean up crew?

    what would be an good sized clean up crew for a 20 gallon long style tank , as of right now i have 10 red leg hermits about 18 astera snails but yet to control algae they havent been cleaning my live sand to limit the amount of algae i turned on my uv sterlizer(8 watt U2) and also i orderd a...
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    how many gallons per hour is a rio 50?

    quick question just want a simple answer how many gallons per hour does the rio 50 do?
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    just ordered the remora skimmer

    i wanted to get the prisem but due to lack of space and stragegic areas of the tank leaves me with going to the remora although i heard many a good things about the prism i needed to go with the remora does anyone have (or had) this skimmer and if so how do they like it?
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    micro algea in my skilter???

    i was wondering i seen on mr saltys web site that he has a algea refugme(if thats spelt right) and i was wondering if i can put a little bit of micro algea in my skilter 400 to lower the nitrates a little(there practially 0) but i just want to see clear though the vile if u know what i mean but...
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    Turn on the UV yet???

    ok i have a 20 gallon(long style) with 21 pounds of fiji live rock, 2 power heads(a rio 50 and rio 180) and 40 pounds of live sand, after cycleing the tank last night i started getting a clean up crew(which consist of 8 snails and 4 red leg hermits with 1 pepermint shimp and more to come)...
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    OK... i know that its best if i can have my skimmer on for 24 hrs a day, but i cant, but its still better than nothing looking over which skimmers would be best for my 20 gallon tank(which has 21 pounds of live fiji rock and 40 pounds of live sand) with a light bio load(going to get heaver...
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    should i get this protine skimmer?

    i was looking around the internet and i found a few good deals of where i can get a brand new visi jet protine skimmer for 10 ,15 bucks (includeing everything)i know that these are pretty much junk however im running a 20 gallon tank, with 21 pounds of live rock, and 40 pounds of live sand along...
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    should i clean the glass?

    my tank is currently cycleing, i have 21 pounds of live rock and diatoms on my sand and glass n what not, now the diatoms on the glass dosent look great at all, but i have diatoms everywhere else, so i was thinking of cleaning it, but theres copepods on the glass to, so if i get rid of one, i...