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  1. saltwater marauder

    Brittle Stars, keepers?

    Just looking for opinions on brittle stars in a semi reef with several cleaner shrimp ,peppermint shrimp, two sally's, two emeralds and a plethera of hermits and featherdusters.....what do ya'll think? Am I looking at my shrimp dissappearing? I know the greens can be a big pain, even with...
  2. saltwater marauder

    Now i've done it!

    Finally got up the gumption to take my favorite fish (dog face puffer) back to the lfs. Was theonly fish in my 75 gal. bowfront tank (for those that remember). Was getting alittle tired of the nitrate issues, not having a cleaner crew, etc. So I have emptied and cleaned the tank, ordered a 50...
  3. saltwater marauder

    Are we stuck with higher than average trates?

    Wondering what you all are doing for nitrate levels. In my aggressive FO, 75 gal bowfront, 1 dogface puffer, one hawaiin big eye squirell, cc for substrate, I carry trates in the 60 to 80 ppm range. I would really like to go DSB in my aggressive but cannot have a cleanup crew as they will...
  4. saltwater marauder

    Fish suggestions

    Just looking for suggestions for my tank. 37 gal. currently stocked with 40 lbs LR, One emerald crab, 15 snails (margarita, astrea and turbo) 3 peppermint shrimp, two scarlet cleaner shrimp, brown polyps, two featherdusters, 1 sally lightfoot, and about 30 hermits (left handed, scarlets and...
  5. saltwater marauder

    Grounding probes?

    Just wondering what everyones opinion on the importance of having a gounding probe in your tank(s). Have several powerheads, two thermos in each tank, etc. and I picked up two probes just as a precaution, never measured for stray voltage but decided better safe than sorry. Is it really...
  6. saltwater marauder

    Maracyn II in a semi reef?

    I have used these products with good results in my FO tank, and the box says that it is reef safe, but I am wondering if any of you have used these products in your reef without any damage. I have a false perc with what appears to be a fungus, small white cotton ball looking patch on his lip...