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  1. cedarreef

    Any reefkeepers want to help me with BA research?

    Hey, all. Long story short, I am writing my bachelor's thesis on coral aquaculture and the communities that surround it. If anyone would be willing to answer a few questions or want to contribute some photos of their coral/share experiences, please PM me. I will happily explain more about the...
  2. cedarreef

    Wrasse for 40g Breeder

    Hey guys, so I am looking for a nice wrasse I can put in my 40g breeder. It's a mixed reef (zoas, LPS, SPS) with a pair of clowns, yellowtail damsel (may get rid of him soon for obvious aggression kicks up my sandbed which is just annoying), snails, and a cleaner shrimp. I had a...
  3. cedarreef

    LED Lighting Question

    Hey guys, so I currently have 2, 150w metal halides running over my 46g mixed reef right now. After reading up on the new LED systems, I'm thinking about making the switch. Do you guys think that the AquaticLife 36" 54w LED fixture will be better for my tank than the halides. I wouldn't want to...
  4. cedarreef

    Wrasse Compatibility

    Quick question about compatibility within the wrasse family. I currently have a sixline in my 46g mixed reef and would like to add a solar fairy wrasse to the tank. I figured since these are different enough in appearance it would be fine, but I wanted to check on here before making any moves...
  5. cedarreef

    Hammer Coral- Trouble?

    Hey guys, it's been a very long while since I've been on the boards... It feels good to be back! I've noticed that my hammer coral has been closed up lately. I thought this was really weird as all my other corals are doing great. I walked by the tank and noticed my clowns have finally taken...
  6. cedarreef

    Return Pump Broken- Need Replacement ASAP- What to do?

    While I was on vacation, the person I asked to top off my tank neglected to do so and my return pump burned out from running dry. Everything in the tank looks fine, but it's not connected to the sump anymore since I don't have a pump. My previous pump was a Rio 10HF Hyper Flow rated at 660...
  7. cedarreef

    Fragging Monti Caps

    I have a large monti cap that has started to encrust on a nearby rock. It's getting extremely close to my pearlberry acro and I need some way to remove it from the rock. Is there any easy way to get an encrusted piece of a monti off a large rock without cutting the rock and still getting a...
  8. cedarreef

    Kenya Tree Removal

    I bought a small frag of kenya trees about a month ago. I wanted a kenya tree... not a kenya forest. Out of nowhere, the growth just boomed. It even spread places I didn't want it to go and wasn't close to the original frag. It started growing on a rock that had some of my favourite zoas on...
  9. cedarreef

    Which Heater?

    I have a 46gal bowfront tank with a 10-15gal sump. My current heater bumped up the temp to 82 and is stuck on even though I have it on the lowest setting at the moment... I'm going to stay up all night to keep an eye on the temp and go tomorrow to buy a new heater... Which brand do you suggest...
  10. cedarreef

    Acro Bugs!!! Help Asap Please!!!

    I just bought a beautiful colony of purple tabling acros, but i looked a little closer and saw little orange dots on one of the branches... then, some moved. they're way too small to take a pic of. i think they might be acro bugs... what should i do??? how do i prevent them from taking over...
  11. cedarreef

    Circulating Chaeto?

    I have some chaeto in my fuge that is really looking nasty. Some stuff is growing over it and it looks disgusting. Should I maybe add a small powerhead into the fuge to let it get some circulation? If so, what size should I get as it's a very small area. The sump is about 15gal but the fuge...
  12. cedarreef

    Teaching to Host?

    Hello, I just got a pair of ORA Occelaris clowns (one orange-the female, and one black misbar-the male). They're already a pair so I don't have to worry about that. The only thing I really want is for them to host. I don't have an anemone, but I have a frogspawn, torch, hammer, and duncans...
  13. cedarreef

    Green Stylo-Polyp Extension

    I've had an ORA Green Stylophora for a good 8 months now. At first, it had really long polyp extension and amazing colour. Now, although it has grown significantly, the polyp extension isn't as long or beautiful as it once was... My params are ideal: 0 Amm 0 Trites 0 Trates 0 Phates 450 Calc...
  14. cedarreef

    Possible RBTA

    I have a 46 gal mixed reef that has been set up for years as a FO tank, but only about one year as a full reef. My params are perfect: 0 amm 0 trites 0 trates 0 phates 450 cal 8 dkh I have 2, 150w 20k MHs as well. I would love to get a RBTA, but I'm afraid that it would wipe out half of my...
  15. cedarreef

    Adding Sand

    In my 46g mixed reef I have a very shallow sand bed already. It's probably only about 3/4" deep. I want to make it a little bit deeper, but I don't know if adding the dead aragonite sand I have to it will cause any adverse effects. Can I just add the dead sand on top of the existing sand?
  16. cedarreef

    Hitchhiker ID Please!!!

    I recently found this really weird black thing that looks like a moving mushroom roaming around the tank when the lights are off. It has these little antenna-like things in front of it, too. It reminds me a lot of a nudibranch, but I'm not exactly sure. Any input on what it might be and if...
  17. cedarreef

    Pearlberry Browning

    I bought a pearlberry acro about a month or two ago, but now I noticed that it's browning out a bit. My lights are over a year old (ordered new ones already... in transit) Could it be the old lights? My params are fine: 0 amm 0 trites 0 trates 0 phates 450 cal I have 2, 20k 150w MHs over a 46...
  18. cedarreef

    Photosynthetic Gorgonians

    I'm looking for a nice looking gorgonian that is photosynthetic and is relatively hardy. The only one I know of for sure is the purple brush gorgonian which is ok I guess, but I'm looking for something that will definitely stand out. Could you guys give me some ideas and maybe some pics...
  19. cedarreef

    Different-ish Clownfish?

    I'm going to get another pair of clownfish in about 2-3 weeks. I was just wondering if I could get an orange ocellaris and pair it with a black and white ocellaris. Since they are the same species, does it matter if they are different colors?
  20. cedarreef

    Damsel Digging?

    I've been getting weird piles of sand in the front of my tank lately. I was wondering what it was until I saw my yellowtail damsel shaking his tail in the sand until a nice pile was made next to a bare spot and then he stopped. I evened out the sand to see if he would go at it again, and sure...