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  1. chaseter

    Rare Bubble Anem Colorations

    This is what I bought and it just came in today! A flame tip bubble and it is gorgeous. I will post pics when it fully opens in my tank but this is from the site I bought it at:   Anybody else own rare bubble nems?  
  2. chaseter

    Auto Top Off - Your Thoughts?

    I am already tired of checking sg everyday and refilling my tank to a specific amount. It chugs nearly half a gallon a winter! I can only imagine what it is going to use during the summer. What are some good ATO systems that aren't an arm and a leg? Thoughts?
  3. chaseter

    Most Expensive Livestock Purchase???

    What is your most expensive livestock purchase to date? How much did you shell out for a single fish or a single coral? I have bought a $150 anemone...that is my most expensive livestock purchase to date!
  4. chaseter

    Pump Return Line Question

    Does any one know where I can find an extension to replace or put on the pump return that leads into the display tank? It has one nozzle but I would like it to Y off so that I could have 2 return lines to increase circulation. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  5. chaseter

    chaseter's 39G CAD Nano Take Two!

    Ordered it just today. I bought the CAD 39G signature with 150w 14k MH with 2x24 actinic supplement. That is 198 watts total! With a refugium in the back, the display tank will be 35ish gallons for a total of nearly 6 watts per gallon! The MH intensity will allow me to keep whatever corals I...
  6. chaseter

    All in one systems help

    What are the best all in one systems on today's market? I have about a thousand dollars and I am looking to upgrade my 14g to a 34-50 gallon. Any suggestions? Any personal opinions? I am really looking for metal halides because I want my tank to perform at its best. Would T5's be good enough? I...
  7. chaseter

    All in One Systems

    What are the best all in one systems on today's market? I have about a thousand dollars and I am looking to upgrade my 14g to a 34-50 gallon. Any suggestions?
  8. chaseter

    Clownfish - Part Time ******** Decorator

    After I got my rbta and my maroon took to it the next day, I was cleaning my tank and re-arranging a few things to accomodate some new corals. I put some corals near the rbta. The next morning, they were on the sand. I thought that my turbo snail, he is pretty big, probably knocked it over. I...
  9. chaseter

    Nano Tanks - What is the best brand?

    I am going to upgrade from my tiny 14 g Biocube nano in a couple of months. I have been saving money and researching different nano brands. I am looking for something in the 30 range (25-35). I will have enough money to buy whatever is the best brand. What are the pros and the cons of each...
  10. chaseter

    My Yellow Banded Maroon is hosting!

    A candy cane coral..............................................................??? It stays away from my anemone, it stays away from my torch coral, it stays away from my frogspawn, from my hammer...but it chooses to host a candy cane coral. WTF!? At night, it goes over to the candy cane and...
  11. chaseter

    Quick ID Help...thanks!

    I just noticed this thing crawling around. It is a black worm with what looks like a hard/skeletal head and it eats with a suction cup. It is little, less than half an inch. What is it? Do I need to remove it? Thanks! It looks like it's head is egg shaped, sort of looks like a black tick, and I...
  12. chaseter

    My Maroon is Sick:(

    I got my new Maroon yesterday. Today, I see that he has a large white spot on his rear fin. He is a baby and he seemed a little flustered when I introduced him to the tank yesterday and my peudochromis was pestering the new guy. Last night he slept up in the top corner and today he is down by...
  13. chaseter

    Protein Skimmer vs Filter

    A quick question for all you biocubers: The biocube protein skimmer fits in where the filter cartridges go. So, you can no longer use filter cartridges. Is the protein skimmer good enough for filtration? Is it better?
  14. chaseter

    Anemone Questions/Help!

    All params are good. My LFS had him on sale and it was too good a price to pass up. I just got him yesterday so I dripped acclimated and he was a little shriveled when I put him in, closed up when I turned off the lights, and opened up a little bit today. My other two coral frags I got are doing...
  15. chaseter

    To Float or Drip, that is the question.

    I have seen instructions for each technique and read the articles that each one will work just fine. But, which is the best? My LFS floats and all of their critters are happy and kicking but I have seen other stores such as this site recommend only dripping if you order from them.
  16. chaseter

    chaseter's biocube nano extravaganza

    After ***** shipped me a broken 14 gallon biocube, I finally got it again this past weekend!. I added live sand and some live rock yesterday. I am going to let it run for a while and then add some cleaning crew to slowly allow the bacteria to adjust to the bioload. Then 2 clowns, then a yellow...
  17. chaseter

    Finally Starting Up!

    I bought a 14 g Biocube yesterday because I have been wanting salt water fish for years and finally mustered up the courage to start up. I have read that I don't need a protein skimmer if I buy live rock as it contains the micro fauna to properly clean and keep nitrate levels normal. Is that...