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  1. clarkiiboi

    starting over and a question to begin again

    Hey all, it's been almost 2 years since I been here or had my tank up and running. I want to start again and have a question--a simple one (but trust me I forgot alot). I saved all my LS in buckets, not protected though. Would you think I could still use this to start up my tank again? I...
  2. clarkiiboi

    It's been almost 2 years since....

    I had my tank up and running (reef). And that long since I have been on this board. I am back because I am getting the urge again. I have forgot alot, so I will be lurking to get the basics again. Hope I get a warm welcome!
  3. clarkiiboi

    iridescent sharks (FW)

    I have searched and I am not finding exactley what I am looking for, so I have turned to my faithful SW friends who may have FW tanks also. Thankfully there is an off topic forum! Problem (if it is one), is my "shark" looks as though it's belly is pregnant--now I looked this up and know it is...
  4. clarkiiboi

    Threads not posting the right time...

    I just wanted to make sure that its not just me. Testing basically, OK time is almost 11:30 pm, bet my post will read (at least to me) 3 or 4 hours earlier (gonna find out now). I checked and have it set to pacific time, anyone else having this problem? Its not a big deal, but more confusing.
  5. clarkiiboi

    pagoda cup issues.....

    Well I have had mine for close to a year, but about 2-3 months ago I noticed a hole forming on the fleshy part. Well it has gotten worse, but it still extends. What can I do, if anything. I was very careful not to touch that part and to handle it from underneath (per LFS advise), but I may...
  6. clarkiiboi

    gobies--which are shifters?

    I still have a hard time figuring this out. All the websites I have don't mention if they are sifters or shifters. I know it's best to have a shifter...any recommendations?
  7. clarkiiboi

    yet another curing sand question...

    I used to have a great link to a thread here, but I lost it (puter crash). I did a search, but didn't seem to find the one I was looking for, so I am left with some questions. 1.) I know its easier and/or better to have a few buckets rather than one large bucket full of sand with tank water...
  8. clarkiiboi

    Cyano--quick question

    Can cyano become stringy? From pics seen here and in my tank it looked more flat, but if you looked close you could see very short "hair" flowing. I dont have to be close to the tank at all and I can see strands flowing, could that happen with cyano or am I seeing something else? Thanks.
  9. clarkiiboi

    Trying to help a new member in the reef forum

    his/her thread in the reef forum. I think maybe you all could help.
  10. clarkiiboi

    Any computer gurus out there?

    I am sure this is an easy fix, but I can't figure it out or remember where to look to change anything. The problem: recently all the pics that come up within a thread are coming up blurry/distorted--to be more specific they look like 100's (give or take) of boxes. I can see the pic, I know...
  11. clarkiiboi

    Thread pics look blurry

    Just wondering if it's just me. I have been having puter problems, so it could be. Anyone else seeing pic come up blurry, actually more like blurred boxes? Funny thing is if I go back a few days those come up clear and new ones are blurred. Anyone else? Thanks.
  12. clarkiiboi

    Can watchman gobies make holes through LR?

    Just curious. LFS tried to say theirs did. I never heard of that and think they are full of BS.
  13. clarkiiboi

    half black angel--reef concerns

    I am planning on moving it to my (so-called) reef. I know its 50/50 with angels, but just wanted to see what others have experienced. Anyone have one in a reef tank? and how long? Thanks.
  14. clarkiiboi

    Empty shells sold here---anyone buy them?

    Site says 1/2 in. shells, but my crabs are in larger shells than that. What sizes did you get and was there a variety of sizes? Is it worth ordering? Where else if you dont have access (coast line) can one get shells? LFS has some, but not big enough. Thanks.
  15. clarkiiboi

    ATTN: Bang Guy

    Just wondering if you got my email? If not could you email me at, thanks :)
  16. clarkiiboi

    Penguin PH what are your opinions, experenciences?

    Just curious if I have a dud, one of mine lost its "umf" after a few months and is basically useless now. My choices at the LFS are powersweeps or these, the powersweeps I had were better---at least they lasted a year or so before the sweeping action stopped (still pump water at the same rate...
  17. clarkiiboi

    yellow tang, belly definately not full...

    I have had him for about 4 months. The problem is--- I can literally see its rib cage! I feed every other day a combo of brine, Formula 2, spirunilla pellets (sp way off, but you know what I mean), another type of algea based food (forgot the name now) and flakes for the other fish. He eats...
  18. clarkiiboi

    Do frogspawns need to be spot fed...?

    Ok, I have had mine for at least 3 months, if not more. I thought it was doing well (new branches growing), but I keep reading that they need or will take in meaty foods. Now, I have tried this (just to see, cause LFS isn't always right) and the food floats away/doesnt stick/or looks like its...
  19. clarkiiboi

    BangGuy or any one who used premium live keys sand from here...

    Bang you mentioned it in another thread to help replenish their sandbed. Anyone know if there are unwanted critters to look out for or does it seem to be safe. Anyones experience appreciated. How you went about adding it after your tank has been cycled and establish would be great also, I...
  20. clarkiiboi

    Yosemite Sam and Broomer5....your lighting ?'s

    Can you tell me what you have for lighting in your 75's? I saw some pics in a recent thread. BTW.... both of your tanks are beautiful :) Nice work! Thanks in advance...