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  1. saltym3

    looking for canister filter

    If anyone has any canister filters that they want to sell please respond. Looking for something for a 30 gallon so not too powerful.
  2. saltym3

    DIY Canopy Question

    Question for DIY canopy builders. For the wood that rests on the tank itself to support the canopy. Do you just use glue or do you also nail/screw the wooden blocks to the canopy itself? I started gluing them in but really didnt want to put any finishing nails on the canopy where its not...
  3. saltym3

    lets see those canopies

    Just finished building my stand for 29g and looking for ideas on a canopy. If you got pics please post them so I can get some ideas. Thanks!
  4. saltym3

    Anyone in Miami/Ft Lauderdale I need a filter

    Anyone in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Coral Springs area. Im looking for a canister filter for my 29. Mag 350, fluval, eheim. If you have one of the above or anything similar get back to me.
  5. saltym3


    monster pod?
  6. saltym3

    29g stand construction

    I havent had much time to work on this and its my first project so Im not sure of how it looks. I am thinking about taking the 3 L brackets which I have in the front out since I dont like how you see them as soon as you would open the doors. I am not sure if the stand will still hold as well. I...
  7. saltym3

    valentini puffer

    Whats the minimum tank size recommended for a valentini?
  8. saltym3

    Building a stand

    Some time ago someone documented the whole process of building a stand. There were like 50 pictures taken I remember and was explained in detail. I want to try and build a small stand for my 10 gal but looking for help. If anyone has the thread saved I cant seem to find it in the search.
  9. saltym3

    strange behavior

    I just did the CC to LS swap recently. I had CC for nearly 2 years no problems. My clown which ive had for 15 months without a sandbed is going nuts now 2 days after i put him in the new tank. he makes a mess of the sandbed swims in it looks like he is trying to host it almost. he also eats the...
  10. saltym3

    Quick Hypo Question

    I need to turn my running QT into a hospital tank. I have two baby clowns that have signs of ich which need to go in. The clowns are now in an established tank so is it better to put them in the hospital first and than lower the salinity through water changes or can i put them in the hospital...
  11. saltym3

    Free Mag 250 in FL

    HOT Magnium 250 just started dripping from the bottom of the canister. I am going to dump it unless someone wants it to mess with. I am in the North Miami Beach Area.
  12. saltym3

    how to move QT fish to main

    I am ready to move my QT fish back to my display tank and wondered what the practical way of doing this was. The salinity and temp are the same in both tanks. The tanks are right next to each other so can i just net the fish in there or should i bag em and float them like a new arrival? any...
  13. saltym3

    QT Questions

    I have had a QT up for about 2 weeks now which I have 2 fish in while I am redoing my main tank. My main went through a mini cycle so waiting for that to finish. I used the water from my main tank in the QT originally. As far as filtration I am only using a powerhead. How often do you do water...
  14. saltym3

    powerhead placement

    After 1 1/2 years in my 20 tall I decided to ditch the undergravel filter and do the CC to live sand swap. I ditched everything and started with a clean fresh tank today saving most of the water. As you can see I have my fish in the QT next to the tank. I currently have 2 201's powerheads and...
  15. saltym3

    Whos your daddy?

    finally got a nice shot of my diamondback
  16. saltym3

    breeding brine shrimp

    I got some eggs for the brine shrimp and followed all the directions and setup a little tank for them. The only thing the directions did not mention was what to feed them. Anyone have any idea what to feed these guys they are so small i dont know what they could digest.
  17. saltym3

    lighting question

    I was wondering if I could somehow upgrade the lighting in my 20 tall. The problem is that it was a custom built tank and the hood is a 15"x15" cube. The lighting which is pretty old is a 12" fixture which uses a T5 12" 8watt bulb. I was wondering if i could change to another fixture or fixtures...
  18. saltym3

    maintaing a quarantine tank

    I read the whole FAQ which covers the quarantine tank setup and maintance but am not sure about some things. I plan on setting up a QT tank and want to have it permantely running. After I am done QT'ing and put the fish in the main tank. Can I just keep say 1 damsel in the QT tank all the time...
  19. saltym3

    What to do with no power? tornado got me

    I got smacked by a tornado today and had no power for 6 hours. I have power now but was worried in case it ever happened again. My tank is small and has barely any inhabitants but I was still worried about my fish. What is there to do about keeping the water circulated when you have no power...
  20. saltym3

    thermometer position

    This may seem like a silly question but i am asking anyways. Does it matter whether a thermometer is positioned horozontally or vertically? Because I have had mine mounted veritcally but want to move it towards the bottom of the tank and mount it horozontally. Would that affect the reading? My...