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  1. cprdnick

    HELP!!! Lazy fish with poor bladder control

    A week ago, my clown started laying on his side for about 5 seconds at a time, then he'd start swimming again, normally. I started checking everything in this little 10 gallon tank and noticed the water temperature was only at 68 degrees F. I keep this in my office with an analog titanium...
  2. cprdnick

    HQI Ballast/Bulb question

    I recently purchased a MH fixture with a 150W MH and 2 x 14 w T5 actinics. I haven't installed it on my tank yet since I just got it in, but i have had thoughts that maybe a 150W MH is too much for my 18 Gal. Since the ballast is set up for 150 watts, does that mean i HAVE to use a 150 watt...
  3. cprdnick

    SWF you remember?

    Does anyone remember the guy on here....probably 4 or 5 years ago with the 550 gallon reef that he had in the wall in his office? Do you remember the 6.5 ft long bristle worm he pulled out of his plenum? I am looking for pictures from that guys tank and the bristleworm. Any help?
  4. cprdnick

    Cleaner shrimp and feather duster

    This morning my FD lost his crown, so I knew it was pretty much over from that point for him. Around lunch he crawled out of his tube, which I expected. I know he is going to die, no doubt there, but he's not dead yet. The question I have is: is it normal for a cleaner shrimp to eat a worm...
  5. cprdnick

    Feather Duster Tube

    What is a feather duster tube made of? What does the duster do if it doesn't like where it is?
  6. cprdnick

    Hitchhiker forum

    Didn't there used to be a forum or atleast a thread totally dedicated solely to hitchhikers? I think it'd be cool to have an ID database sticky threaded to the top of this forum with pics and questions. I mean heck, we've got a forum dedicated to breeding clowns, why not one for the thousands...
  7. cprdnick

    I'm Back!!!!

    Hey, anyone remember me? I lost all of my tanks due to a power outage when i was out of town about a year ago, and I finally got back on the horse. Well, somewhat, I have a 10 gallon Nano setup on my desk here at work and that's gonna get me goin again. I MISSED THIS HABIT!!! lol. Any of my...
  8. cprdnick

    Sunday crappy 4 pack.

  9. cprdnick

    Aggressives in a 55 gal?

    Other than dwarf lions, what other aggressives could I put in a 55 gallon? Clint
  10. cprdnick

    First Amarillo Six-Pack

    I finially got my digital camera, thought I would share with all of yall. Full 18 gallon shot.
  11. cprdnick

    Fuji FinePix 2800 zoom owners

    Are you happy with this camera's performance? How well do you get along without a macro setting? Could you post some pics that you have taken with it?
  12. cprdnick users

    Has anyone else been getting popups when they log on to I have a pop up blocker that works great, but its not catching these.
  13. cprdnick

    Hawaiian Strawberry Crab

    Has anyone had any experience with one of these in their reef? Any special comments or needs for this animal?
  14. cprdnick

    Shark and Eel purchases

    Where do you guys order your sharks, rays and eels from? I mean I dont recall seeing sharks and rays on, so do your LFS's order them for you or what? I know I can get bamboo sharks from my LFS, but I don't really think I've ever seen anything but a zebra moray as far as eels go. I've...
  15. cprdnick

    Linkia star ordering

    Can anyone share a GOOD internet ordering experience with a Linkia star? I've read they don't do well with shipping. Has anyone ever ordered one online and had it survive?
  16. cprdnick

    Secure Tops for Eels.

    Can someone post some pics of how they have the tops of their tank secured to keep their escape artists in the water?
  17. cprdnick

    ATTN: Aarone, Gypsum update.

    Hey bud, I have a question that maybe your wonderful sister could answer for me. Do you remember me talking about the Calcium Carbonate sand? Well, with the help of your sister we figured out that the calcium would precipitate first, and it did, my Ca readings are now 1200+. The main thing I...
  18. cprdnick

    OT: New Mars Discovery

    Look what they found on Mars.
  19. cprdnick

    pH/Alk relationship

    Can you tell the condition of your Alk by checking the pH? I don't have a Alkalinity test kit and I don't have the money to pay the LFS to test for it. I am wanting to dose my Ca but I don't want to do it too much because I don't know where my Alk is at. I currently am using IO salt and I've...
  20. cprdnick

    PC lighting cycle question

    I have 2x36W PC with a slimline fixture. It has the little ballast where the lights are wired together, then plugged into the ballast with a quick connect clip. Then there is a switch on the ballast for the actinic and one for the daylight. Is there any way that I can put a timer on the two...