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  1. veronicad


    Hi This person had a tank listed in classified not too long ago, and I'd like to talk more about it, if it's even still available. Please PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks
  2. veronicad


    Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Kynsee. This person had a nano tank listed not too long ago, and I wanted to talk a little bit about it, if it's even still available. Either PM me, or reply to this thread please. Thank you.
  3. veronicad

    initial setup Q's

    Ok, so if you've got a new tank and it's cycled and it's got pods and a snail or 2, do you still QT your first ponies? Does it make a diff if they're CB? How long in the QT? Or would you just do a freshwater dip? Also, does a pile of marbles (washed first, of course) make a decent pod refuge...
  4. veronicad to me

    Hey, I was doing some research on the ORA website. They claim to keep/breed/raise their H. breviceps in the same temp water as other tropical species. I was amazed. Does anyone know anything more about keeping this species? I'm currently running a room-temp water test to see what the...
  5. veronicad

    24gal nano

    just curious; eventually interested in buying a used but good condition 24 gal nano.....are they very hard to come by used? I'm getting into seahorses and my honey is interested in starting a saltwater tank last a hobby we can share
  6. veronicad

    No babies?

    Hey, has anyone heard from phelpz whether that dwarf SH was pregnant after all? Any babies?
  7. veronicad

    How're the babies?

    So, NY, it's been a few days since a fry update.....Howz the SW family?
  8. veronicad

    need feedback

    I found a new (?) product advertised on the web. I am looking for anyone who may have had experience with this device to offer feedback. I don't think I'm allowed to write the product name, but here are a few of the claims it makes: All-natural, non-intrusive Uses specific polarity and far...
  9. veronicad

    howz this scenario?

    Ok, so say you've got dwarf seahorses and you want to go away for the weekend. You've got someone to feed your ponies, but you don't want them to have to do actual hatching of bbs. I've heard that refrigeration slows maturation. Q: how much? For example, if you hatch on THU. morn, and put...
  10. veronicad

    crafty ideas 4 dwarf tank

    Hello all!! TGIF!! I finished reading the most excellent book devoted to dwarf seahorses. It gave me a couple of ideas I'd like to run by everyone. First, I thought a person could make a really great 'custom' seahorse tree from polymer clay (the kind you bake in your oven to harden). Is...