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  1. abrand

    What to feed?

    Hey guys, I have a nano with just clowns and a firefish and was wondering if I am feeding correctly. I only feed Rod's complete every other day. Is this alright, or should I mix it up some more? I have read a lot how you should mix up what you feed, but it seems that Rod's contains lots of...
  2. abrand


    Real quick question about Chemi-Pure Elite. I have read that a lot of people use it as filter media and was wondering if it is necessary to run a filter pad in addition to the chemi-pure bag? Also, the box says to flatten out but I have mine in a HOB filter and it just all kind of falls to the...
  3. abrand

    First Fish Jumped

    Well I have read it a thousand times but never thought it would actually happen, but my firefish jumped this morning. I had over half of the top of the tank was covered but he found a way out. Luckily though it was while I was feeding this morning and I was paying attention. I would guess that...
  4. abrand

    T5 HO Lighting

    I placed an order for a new fixture for my 10 gal tank today. The specs of the fixture is: 2x18 watt T5 HO 10K/460nm. First question is will I need a chiller with this lighting? Also, I have been researching what type of corals this lighting could support and came to the conclusion I am limited...
  5. abrand

    Nitrate Help!

    Over this past weekend I checked my nitrate levels and they were about 80. I immediately did a 20% water change daily for 3 consecutive days. This has brought my levels down to 20. In this process I lost a peppermint shrimp. So I am trying to come to a conclusion of the cause and came up with a...
  6. abrand

    My 10 Gallon Setup

    This is my first tank and was wondering if I was on the right track because I have been listening to my LFS on advice. please don't yell at me! 10 gallon glass tank with T8 lighting 150 gph hang on filter 100 watt heater maxi jet 600 powerhead 12 lbs live rock and 15 lbs live sand stock: CUC (8...
  7. abrand

    book for a beginner

    Was wondering what all you experts recommend for a beginner to indulge in to get a grasp on all the basics. I have set up a small starter tank but still thought it would be a good idea to learn from a book. Thanks in advance
  8. abrand

    new to the saltwater scene

    I have just set up my first saltwater tank and decided to start slow with a 20 gallon tank that I had from when I experimented with freshwater fish. I decided to just do fish and live rock with such a small tank but was considering buying a nano tank in addition to the one that is set up just to...