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  1. -tara33-

    Spanish Dancer?

    has anyone ever kept these guys, they are always on the wholesalers stocklist, but ive never had one, i know about them and stuff but just wanting to know if anyone has kept one for long term or if they are a threat to the tank in anyway or should not be collected and kept? never stocked...
  2. -tara33-

    help with eye infection please

    so iv had a small personifer given to me because a yellow tang was attacking it, and was chased and scraped its eye on a rock, so its slightly clouded over only just able to see through it, its not torn just cloudy. ive had a look around and read beths threads about treatment and all, but...
  3. -tara33-

    my little reef...

    this is my tank thats been set up for a year with a cromis and one bit of rock-got rid of that and cleaned it up to start over now this is 6 months later still in the proccess of adding more corals, but i don't know what fish i want in there i just want one more.
  4. -tara33-

    My new lipstick, his names KING!!!

    lol hes been in qt for 4 weeks at work and im bringing him home in 30 mins im excited, hes 13 inches with an extra 3 inch trailers.
  5. -tara33-

    corals with an angel?

    just a quik question, would a juvi annularis eat sps corals and monties and things like that? or what corals would he not touch? thanks
  6. -tara33-

    harlequin tusk difference, show me yours.

    ok so i work in an aquarium in australia and we often get harlequin tusks, but on this site everyone seems to always want australian ones, our fish are not imported they come from home soil lolz or water if you want, but ive googled it and i honestly can't tell the difference, can someone put...
  7. -tara33-

    blue spotted ray???

    260 gallon tank, wondering if its possible with 7 cromis, juvi annularis, yellow and blue tang as tank mates? will the ray eat the fish or will the fish pick on the ray? ps i do hav soft sand as substrate.
  8. -tara33-

    can i add another angel with established annularis?

    my tank is 260 gallons and ive got a changing annularis but i want to add a emperor but i want it in its adult colour, can i do this or will they get angry cos the annularis was there first ive heard its ok to do this with dwarf angels, but not sure bout large angels.