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  1. pinktail

    Help!! Blue Jaw Trigger hiding!!

    Please help. I had this trigger for nearly 2 years now, and everything was fine until yesterday afternoon when he looked disoriented and swimming in a crazy way. Today he won't even come out. We introduced some new damsels to the tank last Friday, and one has disappeared so far. We know this...
  2. pinktail


    We have a tomato clown in our tank, and nearly everyone who sees it calls it Nemo. My son knows its not nemo, and I am so glad about it.
  3. pinktail

    My hiding tusk looks like this..HELP

    Looks like serious ick to me. I hope you can quarantine him soon, or else he is really a gonna...
  4. pinktail

    Giving Up - Its not all it's cracked up to be

    We have our SWFO tank since 1999, and changed to a 150 from 125 in 2003. Trust me, in order to have a nice aquarium, not only do you need a lot of patience, you also need to accept the fact that you are going to spend a lot of $. If I count the price we have paid on lost fish, it will add up...
  5. pinktail

    Flakes VS Pellets

    I mix both pellets and flakes and frozen cube with vitamins and tank water before dumping them into the tank. This way all my fish will get to the food, and pick the kind they like.
  6. pinktail

    Stores in North Jerzey

    Absolutely Fish is definitely amazing. Our LFS is Hanover Pets in east Hanover. Pretty nice place.
  7. pinktail

    Small peaceful Triggers

    My name told you that I had a pinktail before. Actually, I have a blue throat now, and he acts like a dog! So peaceful and silly. I started with a Niger, then a blue throat, then pink tail, and my current blue throat. I would strongly recommend all 4 of them! BTW, just for the record, my...
  8. pinktail

    Fish choice help

    What a beautiful Powder blue! This is what our experience has taught us. To keep an angel and a nice tang, you need lots of hiding place and swimming rooms. You also need top notch water quality. Make sure you have a ground probe, and yes, garlic and vitamin when feeding the fish. Also, do...
  9. pinktail

    what kind of tang?

    I agree that Tangs need lots of swimming rooms. I was told 125 gallon is the minumum for tangs.
  10. pinktail

    How my Friday went...

    Did you buy it new? Is it still under warranty? If it is, you should call the manufacturer and ask for refund and compensation. Good luck!
  11. pinktail

    I feel HORRIBLE!!!

    I have flushed damsels down the toilet numerous times also. Never heard of the freezer method. Will try it next time...
  12. pinktail

    screwed up again.....copper...any solution? Help asap

    I know my husband used a polyfilter to get rid of the copper. It will take several days, and several polyfilter. It will come out from the water, but the rocks and sands will absorb the copper. The rocks may come back live again, as our rocks are coming back live now. You really need a QT.
  13. pinktail

    chevron tang experience

    Just got one home for about a week. So far he has been doing well, nipping at algaes the whole day. To be honest, we did not decide to buy a chervon tang until we see an adult chevron. The adult one will be mainly black, with the faded patterns on the body. I was told it will be a great...
  14. pinktail

    Lots of good stuff for sale!

    Wait, guys. The orginial post was dated 3/17/2003!
  15. pinktail

    Newest Addition to My Tank.

    Definitely one amazing looking starfish! My son will love to see it! Send us more pictures!
  16. pinktail

    chevron or flagfin

    Sorry, Blemmy, but where is the flagfin? Its a yellow angelfish with a purple mouth. Nice Idol and Naso though.
  17. pinktail

    chevron or flagfin

    We just got a Chevron 3 days ago. Its absolutely beautiful! As to the flagfin, we were told to stay away from it, because its very difficult to keep. Both are beautiful fish for sure!
  18. pinktail

    Luck with Potter's Angels

    We had one for about 6 months, until we had an ick outbreak. He always go after the algaes, and is a cute little fish to have. We loved him dearly! If you get one, good luck with it.:)
  19. pinktail

    Help with Eheim 2227

    Hi, I need help from anyone who has experience with this filter. I am trying to set up this filter. It works fine for a day. Then, today, for every few seconds, the breather tube is flooded with water and makes a noise like flushing the toilet. Any Idea? Any suggestion/idea/help will be...
  20. pinktail

    Yellow Tang not looking good...

    I am so sorry.