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  1. lm

    Feeding Yellow Tangs

    I have an exiting tank that has lots of coraline algea throughout the tank. I was wondering if I purchase a couple yellow tangs (that love to eat algea) if they can live on coraline algea alone without adding anything such as spinach to satisfy there cravings for algea? I will also feed pellets...
  2. lm

    Changing bulbs?

    I have 110 vho super actinic & actinic whites (4 bulbs total 2 each) that are 2 yrs old and I want to replace with the same bulbs but I am concerned about the intensity of the new bulbs creating an algea bloom. I currently have no problems and do not want to create any but I most change the...
  3. lm

    Changing bulbs

    I have 110 vho lights (super actinic & actinic whites), they are 2 yrs old and I am going to replace them with the same lights. What is the best way to change these bulbs without creating an algea bloom? I know the intensity will be so much more and I am worried it will create a bloom, I...
  4. lm

    paint for canapy

    What kind of suggestion do you reccomend on painting the inside of your canopy for best light. :help:
  5. lm

    Tank Mates

    I have a 75 gallon tank with LR and 2 Percula Clowns in it; this has been running over 1 year. I was wondering what would be good tank mates to put in with theses guys? :help:
  6. lm

    HELP Red algea

    I have a 75 gallon reef tank that has been running for over 2 years and all of a sudden I am getting all kinds of red algea. I switched my old bulbs(110 vho)with new ones hoping this would help and it has had no effect on the algea. Please all advice accepted and welcomed. I need to get rid of...
  7. lm

    How Close?

    How close can you put Ricordia and Gsp??:confused:
  8. lm

    MyBrain has died

    I have lost the Brain I had in my tank (not sure why,I think it starved) now my question is : do I leave it in there so other life will take it over like live rock or take it out and dispose of it??
  9. lm

    Just Wondering??

    How often does everyone have to scrape the front and side glass of their tanks?:::happyfish
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    Where did you get all the assorted colors of zoos at? very nice.
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    Need Help QUICK!!

    I have a leak in my fuge; which means I need to replace it immeadiately. If I build a new fuge can I take the sand and live rock and algea from it and put it in my new fuge and will this create a cycle? I have to build a new one so repairing the old one is out of the question. Need advice ASAP...
  12. lm

    My 1st picture

    Testing my first picture, any comments let me know.
  13. lm

    Hey Bang Guy

    Bang Guy, What exactly is a Long-Spine Urchin? I was just checking the inverts section from SWF and they all say use care with corals?? Which one (of the ones listed) are you recommending and did you have any problems with yours? Thanks
  14. lm

    Good Algea cleaners?

  15. lm

    Algae Question

    I have a 75 gallon reef that has been running for approx. 8 months now; I have live rock with plenty of purple coraline algea growing. But lately I have been getting lots or green algea buildup on the glass. I had a clean up crew but apparently they have died or are falling behind. So my...
  16. lm

    OT Hey Polarpooch

    I have the same identical bike (1100). How do you keep your spoke wheels clean or do you? Thought maybe you might have a good way besides spending hours cleaning them?:D
  17. lm

    Doing Frags?

    Can someone give me some steps on attaching frags in in tank
  18. lm

    What would go with these?

    I have a 75 gallon reef with the following fish: 1- Tomato Clown, 1- Blue Morph, 1-Sixline wrasse and 1-Bi-Color Angel and 1-Engineer Goby. What would be a good next fish that would get along with everyone here? :notsure:
  19. lm

    Selling Twin Striplights

    I have 2 striplights that I would like to sell. 1) Twin tube striplight 48 inch Oak (made by All-GLass) with the bulbs. 2) All-Glass High Output Compact 48 inch Oak with 110 watt bulbs. Both of these are like brand new. If interested email @
  20. lm

    OT Waterfaller1

    Waterfaller1, you had a post awhile back about a site for different kinds of Macro algea, can you email me the address? Thanks