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  1. bobbyzat

    My new Top Off system

    I just finished my auto top off about two months ago, and it has worked perfectly, so I thought I would tell everyone about it so they could use/improve on the system. It starts with my RO/DI unit, which has a 4 gallon pressure tank. I have a faucet for making new water, and a tube that runs...
  2. bobbyzat

    stocking a 75

    I am looking for suggestions on what other fish to put in my 75 gallon tank. It is gonna be a reef, and so far has a lawnmower blenny, a perc. clown, and 3 green chromis. I am thinking of adding a royal gramma, maybe a coral beauty, and maybe a yellow or purple tang. I am looking for other...
  3. bobbyzat

    purple tang

    Do you guys think I would be ok with a purple tang in a 75 gallon 4 ft tank. I have close to a hundred pounds of rock, and a wet/dry refugium and skimmer. Other fish are 3 green chromis, perc clown and a LMB. Is my tank big enough, or do I need to find a smaller tang?
  4. bobbyzat

    escape artists

    I was just wondering if there are any crabs that have a tendancy to climb out of the tank. I had some freshwater crabs a while back that i had to get rid of cuz I couldn't keep them in the tank. I want to make sure that I dont run into the same problem with my new saltwater tank.
  5. bobbyzat


    My tank has been up and running for a few months now. It is a 75 with about 600 GPH going through the wet/dry, 100gph going through refugium, and 2 400 gph powerheads. I feel I have plenty of circulation, but I am still getting a ton of crap on my sand bed. It starts off light brown, and gets...
  6. bobbyzat

    Seachem products

    I am looking at the Seachem products on this site to help maintain my calcium levels, but they are kind of confusing. Is the Reef calcium to raise calcium, the reef carbonate to raise alkalinity, and is the the reef complete both calcium and alkalinity in one, or am i missing something?
  7. bobbyzat

    curing live rock

    I recently recieved an order of live rock from this site. I do not own a skimmer yet, so I have it in a 5 gallon bucket with saltwater, a small HOB filter, and a heater. After two days in the bucket, I scrubbed the rock down, and did a water change. How will I know when the rock is ready for...
  8. bobbyzat

    Ilyanassa snails

    Has anybody had any experience with these. I have found them for a good price, but want to know about them first. Are they good sand cleaners, that is what I need. Thanks.
  9. bobbyzat

    orange tree sponge.

    I bought an orane tree sponge from my LFS about a week ago. It has been there for a while, so I am somewhat confident it never touched air, and I watched to make sure it didnt during the bagging and acclimization into my tank. It has been staying bright orange, and no algea is growing on it...
  10. bobbyzat

    calcium levels?

    I have been using a 2 part calcium supplement to try and keep my calcium levels up above 400. I just recently switched to dripping kalk water, but I am still a bit unsure how much to dose. Should I just add a teaspoon to each gallon of make up water? So far I have only been dripping it when...
  11. bobbyzat


    My tank is still pretty new, but the clean up crew has started doin a pretty good job cleaning it up. I am starting to see a lot of stuff on the rocks and caulerpa. It kinda looks like dandruff, or freshwater ich (ive never seen saltwater ick yet, knock on wood), except not on the fish. Small...
  12. bobbyzat

    What can I get?

    I have a 75 gallon tank with 260 watts of PC's. Building a new canopy high enough for metal halides is not an option for a long time, so i wanted to know what corals I would be able to keep with this lighting. Common names and pics would help, becuase I dont know what many of them are yet...
  13. bobbyzat

    Could it be?

    Well, my tank is still very young, but my water parameters are testing great, and the few fish I do have seem to be doing very well. My only shortage so far is rock. I have 75 pounds of base rock, but only a few pounds of live rock. My cleanup crew is still very small, but that will be...
  14. bobbyzat

    is it reef safe?

    I am still in the beginning stages of my tank, but plan on making it a reef eventually. I have read mixed reports about angel fish. I have seen a lot that angels are not reef safe, but also seen that the coral beauty is. Does anyone know more about this. I dont want to buy a fish I will have...
  15. bobbyzat

    1 more thing about a qt?

    Ok, I am pretty sure I completely understand why I need a QT tank, and how to set one up. My question is, HOW big? My display is a 75 with about 90 gallons water total. So I know eventually im gonn aget a blue tang. How big of a qt do I need for a fish of that size? When fish are new, they...
  16. bobbyzat


    Well I finally have my tank up and running, like I mentioned in a previous post. I have a couple damsels, and a small clown. I also got my refugium going with some caulerpa (sp). I have read that a variety of food is beneficial, but I am not sure what to use. I am only using flake food right...
  17. bobbyzat

    My first fish!

    Well, I finally added some fish to my tank. I now have two green chromis. One of them is now swimming around happy, ( a few hours after acclimatizing), and the other is laying in the sand panting. Is this normal for new saltwater fish. I cant remember any of my resh water doing this. It is...
  18. bobbyzat

    reef club

    Does anybody know of any reef clubs in Eastern North Carolina?
  19. bobbyzat

    is this normal?

    My tank has been cycling for about 2 weeks now, and when I came home today, I had small spots of tan algae popping up all over the place. I just wanted to make sure this was not anything to worry about. Thanks
  20. bobbyzat

    How will I know?

    I was wondering how I will know when my sand becomes "live". I seeded it with garf Grunge. How can you tell the difference between regular, and live sand by looks?