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  1. footbag

    Best Cal & Alk option?

    I am having difficulties maintaining my ALK in my 7g SPS minibow w/ 15g fuge. Alk will drop one DKH point every two days. My Cal seems to be fine and stays between 460 and 420. I do about 30% water change bi-weekly with Oceanic salt which has low Alk and High Cal. My first question is...
  2. footbag

    Do Polyfilters work?

    Do they work to remove PO4? I'm considering a polyfilter for my nano[22g w/refugium & sump]. It would fit between the baffles of the sump and force water through instead of around. But do they actually work? PO4 = .1
  3. footbag

    My new Yasha Haze Goby...

    Here it is. It came with a randalli snapping pistol shrimp, but they haven't gotten used to each other yet. The yasha is still hiding in a cave, and the pistol is on the other side of the cave wall, so I'm sure they will find each other soon. Haven't seen yasha eat yet, but I only got it...
  4. footbag

    Zoanthid FW dip?

    I found a few 1/4" zoo eating nudis in my tank. I removed them but have noticed that certain zoanthids are receeding or looking "bothered". I have been told that a 15 minute freshwater dip with same temp as tank RO/DI should get rid of any nudis that are left. More importantly it will kill...
  5. footbag

    Sunday Nano Six-pack

    Here are some pics of the nano. Enjoy!!!
  6. footbag

    Zoo eating nudi...

    I just pulled twomore of the zoo eating nudi's out of my tank. I think that I'm going to do a dip to try to get any additional or egg sacs. Should I be doing a fresh water or hyposaline dip? Will they fall off themselves or will I have to pick them off? How long should they remain in the dip?
  7. footbag

    Low ALK and Kalk?

    I'm considering adding a kalk drip to my nano setup. My ALK seems like its continuously dropping. If I don't add buffer at least once a week, it drops to around 6. If I get up to around 10 with buffer, and begin a kalk drip should it also maintain ALK. Or will I still have to do the same...
  8. footbag

    Zoanthid eating nudibranch...

    I just pulled a little (1/4") porcupine looking nudi out of my nano tank. I've been noticing zonthids dissapearing and this may be my culprit. Is it likely I have more of these?
  9. footbag

    Remove Plexi from Lights?

    I have a 2 X 175w MH setup with actinic supplimentation. My hood has a plexiglass cover, but it often gets covered with dust. The hood has a fan that cools the hood off and the plexiglass kees the heat up there. Would there be any problem with removing the plexiglass? I have a mangrove...
  10. footbag

    Yasha Haze Goby?

    Anyone know much about these fish? Would they be fine in a 7g minibow? So far I've heard one yes and one no.
  11. footbag

    Amphipods eating zoos?

    I have some larger amphipods in my tank and no fish. Is it possible that my amphipods are eating my zoanthids? I've witnessed this happen about 3 times. I can see a zoanthid starting to shake and watch an amphipod run around the base, and within ten or so minutes the head falls off. It...
  12. footbag

    SCWD minimum GPH?

    I am considering a SCWD for my 7g nano, but I only return pump it at about 150GPH. Is there a minimum and can anyone forsee any problems?
  13. footbag

    Fish to eat pods in nano?

    Is there a fish that can go in a 7g that will eat pods? I have too many pods, and I know thats a good thing, but theres still too many. I've been thinking about a Clown Goby, but not sure if it will eat the larger pods. I've also been looking at the fancier gobies like the Yasha Haze goby...
  14. footbag

    My 7g minibow SPS & Zoos

    Description coming soon...
  15. footbag

    A quick 3-pack before work...

    Played with my camera long enough to snap a few good shots. The first few are from my nano. There are brand new zoanthids, and some SPS from a few weeks back.
  16. footbag

    Considering a clam...

    I just returned from helping my brother move into Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX. Well they had one of the nicest LFS's I've ever seen. With the exception of the 40g with over 20 stressed looking tangs, they had the most professional setup I've ever seen. They had a Clam lagoon with a bunch of...
  17. footbag

    Bug ID?

    I noticed two huge bugs in my tank. This is an old pic, but the bugs were about 1/3" long. Very big. I've asked before and was told it could be a cirrolanid ispod. It doesn't look like the pic of cirro iso's that I've looked at. If I had to describe it I would say it looks like a horned...
  18. footbag

    Zoanthids receeding, flatworms?

    I have noticed my zoanthids receeding over the past month. None of them had moved and there haven't been any changes in my tank. I did add some rock at around the same time I noticed this. I am thinking that it might be flatworms, but I havent noticed any. All of my params are fine, and...
  19. footbag

    Marine Snow?

    The bottle of marine snow claims that "Frequent feeding will not cause build up of excess nutrients." Is that true? How?
  20. footbag

    My Phishy Plumbing problem...

    I got a call from home while I was away this weekend. My tank was leaking. Oh crap!!! Well, it was about the worst possible time as I had just driven 450 miles to the northmost point of Vermont to see the Pharewell Phish concert. I was stuck in the mud and parked behind 50,000 cars. I think...