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  1. susiepan

    bubble coral size?

    fishman, I must tell you, you have a very attractive tank, and that bubble is just beautiful, personally I wouldnt try anything that might harm it, unless its something that you've done before... Just wanted to say, very nice tank...andkeep us posted if you do decide to split her...GL Susie
  2. susiepan

    Help- Lawnmower blenny looks sick

    Another thought to try and get him to eat is t add garlic to the food...I use galic and all my guys go nuts the second it hits he water...Smush up some silversides or any f cubed frozen suff d add a few drops of the garlic...You can purchase this mostly anywhere and usually gets any picky eater...
  3. susiepan

    My ricordia

    Thts one nice things about ricordias, is that they do split and multiply...Good luck with them...Susie
  4. susiepan

    Sharks help!Condy disappeared!

    I had a beautiful purple long tentacle that did the same thing...he always hung out in one spot, and my Domino adopted it, we went away for 3 days, came back and it was completely gone...I still have no clue where it went.. ~Susie
  5. susiepan

    Urgent: A killer blue leg?

    I got rid of my blue and red legs, they ate my fish, and my corals...I even fed then seperately, but they still munched at night.. I had a "Rock=Shore" crab I got as a hitch hicker on some rock i bought, and all he did was eat my chili coral,he grew very fast, he went back to the same place I...
  6. susiepan

    OVER FEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zack, Do some water changes, that will help tremendouslyDo a few of them with good water, and that should take care of alpt of the yuck.. Do you have a skimmer?? and what type of filtration are you running?? ~Susie ;)
  7. susiepan

    Sharks help!Condy disappeared!

    Wrassecal, It could be under rocks, in you filter intake (they tend to do that)Have you checked all you power heads, and filter intake?? Or if it is in the tank, and died, you numbers will spike..I would test everyday..and to help with your bloom, try cutting back alittle on feeding right...
  8. susiepan

    70 gallon setup?

    Sounds pretty good, but just be careful when you add any new rock, or sand, you tank is going to go through a mini cycle, I would wait till your readings are back to normal before adding any of the corals and such..they may not make it.. GL ~Susie
  9. susiepan


    The Petsmart by me doesnt sell Saltwater Fish, but they do have lots of Saltwater fish supplies//I find for the supplies they are MUCH cheaper than *****...even online you can get some great deals from them ~Susie ;)
  10. susiepan

    How many of you name your fish?

    I named everything in my tank Ming.....Tang Flash and pyro.......Firefish Gable......Clarki clown Foo and choo......Mandarins..(Choo died) Pepe'.......Cleaner shrimp Patti....... Peppermint shrimp Zac....Domino Tweety.....Canary Blenny Scoot.....Scotter Blenny Boo.......BiColor Blenny Lenny and...
  11. susiepan

    help w/another temp issue

    They are SUCH a pain in the butt to might want to go with the not feeding idea..and then soak the food (shrimp pc's) in garlic...that will make them nuts...attach the shrimp tp the inside of a net and bingo!! Before you use the net and food, you might want to just let the net sit in...
  12. susiepan

    Purple Algae

    you might want to try water changes regularly, and back off on the amount of food that you are feeding.. I would even suggest doing a vacuuming of the CC A little area at a time... That should help ~Susie ;)
  13. susiepan

    Clown's left eye bulging

    reef, it sounds like pop eye, but melafix wont help that..its kinda good for fin repair and such, but you need a more aggresive med then melafix.. Maybe maracyn II, but you cant have any inverts when you use it, they cant take it, and would dye.. Gl ~Susie :rolleyes:
  14. susiepan

    FINALLY, Pics of my reef

    Azonic, Good job on the tank, and that bubble is very nice...I also have a Mandarin, a Clarki, a Tang..and a cuke, but mines a pink knobby... Best of luck with it.. ~Susie ;)
  15. susiepan

    What about the dead?

    remove anything that is dead, or that can not be comsumed by a cleaning crew rather quickly, or you will also dee an ammonia spike...and YES you can feed the anenome A fish, depending on the size of each, but dont keep feeding it fish, or you will over feed it, and it will die too... How long is...
  16. susiepan

    Goby help????

    Alan is right, if your tank is established enough to support copepods, a Mandarin is a wonderful choice... I love mine.... ~Susie ;)
  17. susiepan

    Firefish Battle

    Karlas, thats exactly what they are doing...They are a mated pair, and they have always shared the same bolt the one is under the shells I have in the corner of the tank, and the other goes from the hole, to the shells...There are enough holes for them to be seperate, and there is...
  18. susiepan

    Baby Feather Dusters

    I agree, and steamboat, mine are all different too..I have several different colors, my favorite being the red.. ~Susie :D
  19. susiepan


    As far as the water change, you should try to get R/O water, you can get that at your LFS...(usually) and I would do a good 20percent change, then a 10-15 Percent until the water cleared up and you parimeters were all in line.. Sorry about all the add on posts, I think I am finished.. :D ~Susie
  20. susiepan


    P.S. I would avoid getting anything that has "LEGS" like hermits, emeralds, crabs of any sorts, because of the eel, I would also avoid getting any shrimp, unless it is a large CB (Coral Banded) and even then IMO it would be iffy.. ~Susie