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    peek a boo

    I see you
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    What is the long mossy type coral, that grows thick like carpet. I've looked in all kinds of coral catagories and looked up seagrasses and carpet coral, but I can't find it. So I give and will just ask for help. thanks, John
  3. jchase1970

    lighting schedules

    I am starting my first tank and have just started to put some soft corals in it. My question is on how long lights should be on. I have PC lights. I have my whites on from 7am to 7pm and my moon lights on 7pm to 7 am. Should all the lights be off for a time period? What are some of your...
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    New reef club in the Evansville, IN area.

    Tri-State Reef Club Serving the Indiana,Kentucky,Illinois tri-state area. We started having meeting January this year. About 28 people signed up on the club forum so far. Would love to see more people from the area! Check in and register and chat...
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    red leg hermit crabs

    Ok the other night I had 2 crabs doing what I thought were fighting, 1 which is the biggest, bigger then a quarter and the other about the size of a dime. The big one had ahold of the small one and it is pulling it into the shell. I couldnt see if it was picking at it trying to eat it or what...
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    water flow though sump?

    I am setting up a 125g display tank with about 50 gal sump. How much water flow do I need though the sump? Should I use powerheads in the tank and have less flow though the sump or get a big enough pump, about a 1800gph, and just let that flow though the tank and sump? I don't know if there is...
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    wave box?

    does any one here use a wavebox? are they good for waterflow. I really like the effects of the waves in the tanks I have seen on you tube. but other then there I have not seen any info on the forums about them.
  8. jchase1970

    water flow for 125g reef tank

    For a reef tank how much flow show be idea. I've seen it taid more is better, but I have also seen that 2 much can hurt somethings. Also do you figure the total gals of the whole system or just the size of the display tank?
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    Evansville, IN - Tri-State area club

    The last few days have led to a small group of people on -- looking to form a group of local saltwater hobbiest in the Evansville, IN area. This may or may not lead to forming a club for the area. If you area in the Tri-State area and are interested in this please PM me and we can see if there...
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    Refractometer ?

    will any type of refractometer work? just wondering cause prices are all over the place. Background info - new to salt water tanks trying to get equipment I need to set up tanks.
  11. jchase1970

    base rock/ live rock

    if you mix base rock like this with live rock then it will eventually become live rock to right? If so, I'm starting 2 new tanks roughly 200-220 total size with fuges, I have been told to have about 1lb-1 1/4lb of live rock per gal so lets...
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    New member and New tank project

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, been reading on here for about 2 weeks but just registered. Also am new to salt water fish tanks. That said I am in the progress of installing one in my house and decided to make a build diary on here to get input from the members to help guide me abit. So the...