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  1. moray345

    Baseball Cards...

    Hey... Im looking fo the Topps 2006 Alex Gordon Rookie Card... Im wondering if any of yall have one for sale...that I dont have to pay an arm and a leg for... Thanks, CB
  2. moray345

    West Maui

    Hey, Im going to w. maui for summer vacation and was just wondering if anyone had been and knew of some cool things to do. We are staying on Kaanapali (spl.) Thanks, CB
  3. moray345


    Hey im 14 and about 5' 8" and want to dunk more than anything... i can get rim on 9' 10" but thats it has anyone tried any of those programs online like but i want to be able to dunk by the end of the summer... Thanks, Caleb
  4. moray345

    California King Snake 4 sale in dallas TX

    w/ cage and everything neede except food. abt 2 and a half feet long...
  5. moray345

    Anybody want a snake?

    Im sellin my Cali KIng SNake (male) He's about 2 feet long and abt 2 1/2 years old... He comes with the tank/sand/waterbowl/accesories... starting at 275.00
  6. moray345

    iPod Video

    anybody know of a good service to get videos for the ipod like limewire (but not...) Thanks, M
  7. moray345

    Just wanted to let yall know!!!

    I Love You Page!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. moray345

    Anyone Speak Latin!?!?

    Hey i have a question does anyone know the latin root of the word antler?? Thanks Moray
  9. moray345

    Hey bigarn are you around anymore?

    Well I'm back and was wondering if my mentor was still active on here?
  10. moray345

    Halo 2 live anyone???

    Hey i have it and was wondering if anyone else did post your gamertag and lvl
  11. moray345

    Banana Wrasse?

    Would this be good for a 55 aggressive with a: Snowflake Moray Saddled Toby(Valentini Puffer) and now a Banana Wrasse? Thanks, Moray345
  12. moray345

    Excalibur Skimmers?

    I have been hearing that these are really good are they? Do any of yall have one? Where can I get one and would it work for a 55 Aggressive? Thanks, Moray345
  13. moray345

    55 Gallon questions part 2

    Here is my stocking list so far I want one more fish if possible: 1.Snowflake Moray 2.Valentini Puffer 3.? What kind of filtration should I get im thinking wet dry and turn it into arefugium is that O.K.? Also what kind of Protein Skimmer? Thanks, Moray345
  14. moray345

    New 55 aggressive questions!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a 55 gallon tank. I want to turn it into a aggressive tank but have some filtration and stocking questions. here is my list: Snowflake Moray Valentini Puffer and some type of trigger Is this to much? adn what kind of trigger would work? Thanks, Moray345
  15. moray345

    Parting is such great sorrow!

    Well im through with swf I am going to get a paludarium I fell like a failure but you know its life and so on............. but there are a ton of people I would like to thank Bigarn!thanks alot Beth your tank inspired me to get started BangGuy thanks for all the info and so...
  16. moray345

    Yellow Watchman Goby question!!!!

    Well I gave into temptation and bought it as a semi-impulse buy well I tryed to feed him and he ate:cheer: But I have a question do these do the same thing jawfishes do you konw like bring shells around their hole/cave/burrow? :notsure: Tanks, Moray345
  17. moray345

    Six-Line Wrasse

    I got one yesterday and aclimated him put him in the tank then the lights went out so I wake up this morning and cant find him well after my shower i walk in and see him being very timid about coming out but do see him then i went to school and asked my mom have you seen him and she said that...
  18. moray345


    Anyone else on here ref socce ri did it for the first time and made 54 dollars for stickin a flag in the air for three hours not bad if u ask me:thinking:
  19. moray345


    I was lookin at my tank and saw this mound of sand against my glass and it has a hole from the bottom to the top like a tube is there an animal in there????:notsure:
  20. moray345

    Veganman!!!!!Seahorse Question?????

    Hey, I fell in love with seahorses and have to have a pair. I was thinking about getting a 20 gallon and dont know where to go from there and I need your help 1.what kind of filter? 2.powerhead if any? 3.exact lighting brand and everything? 4.breeding tank what would i need in it to keep the...