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  1. redman1221

    Fish ID

    I think they are wrong, I think its a Six-Banded Angelfish look it up on here it looks like that angel and not a blueface jm2cent.
  2. redman1221

    How many is to many fish

    Originally Posted by dmojo I have a 30gal. with 2 clown & 2 firefish. I really want to add a Yellow Watchman, would this be to many fish? Thanks Mojo You should be fine, go ahead and add the watchman.
  3. redman1221

    What kind of butterfly is this?

    I hope you got a bigger tank for it, jm2cents
  4. redman1221

    My new tang

    Originally Posted by cafero702 The lemon peel doesnt eat or nip at corals?? ive been thinking about getting one but not sure with my corals. I don't have a lemonpeel angel anymore that angel that I have is a flagfin angel. But when I did have a lemonpeel it only ate my open brain coral and...
  5. redman1221

    My new tang

    Here is a better shot of my mata tang
  6. redman1221

    My new tang

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight Thanks redman. To be honest I always enjoy vids more then pics anyways.... Mata looks thin, but nothing some TLC can't fix. Yes he is a little thin but I will fatten him up soon enough. He eating everything I put in there so he should fatten up soon.
  7. redman1221

    My new tang

    Here is a shot video of my new tang He would not stay still for a picture.
  8. redman1221

    My new tang

    Originally Posted by florida joe Then go with it and again I was only showing concern for your tank That's cool I know and I appreciated it thanks.
  9. redman1221

    My new tang

    Originally Posted by florida joe Ok I am sure you know what you are doing. My only concern and I mean this with all due respect towards your LFS.( if they are holding a fish for you for 4 weeks they are good friends) If they do not have a segregated tank to qt your fish but rather have...
  10. redman1221

    First Post Ever!

    Originally Posted by saltvirgin Hi folks, I'm just looking for a some pointers on converting my 55gal FOWL tank to a reef tank. All I have for filtration is a cheapy Bio Wheel Emperor 400 and a tank mounted protien skimmer. Do I need to upgrade my filtration system before I start adding...
  11. redman1221

    My new tang

    Originally Posted by florida joe You have a beautiful fish. Please tell me you mean when the lights come on in your QT and I understand from friends the this particular surgeon like to be feed several times a day Thanks but I had them QT him for 4 weeks before I got him so he is in my main...
  12. redman1221

    My new tang

    I just got a juv Mata tang on thursday, I am soo happy I will take a picture of him when my lights come back on. I got him from my lfs store this is the first time they ever had one and I got him. I could not pass it up for the price.
  13. redman1221

    what kind of angelfish in 36 gallon

    I say a lemonpeel or flame angel would be my choice.
  14. redman1221

    Most Overcrowded Tank I Have Ever Seen

    Originally Posted by The_Bandit I have found two very bad examples of people rushing into fish tanks and choosing a fish that is 100x harder than they think. First pic is a 90g with a at least one foot leopard shark in it. Second pic is a BLACK TIP REEF SHARK (Gets 5ft+) in a 90g tank...
  15. redman1221

    Check Out My New Fish...

    You have a really nice looking tank and that was a good price for that tang.
  16. redman1221

    What Is The Best Large Angel To Get For Fish Only Tank!!

    majestic or blueface angel that is what I would get.
  17. redman1221

    125 Gallon Stock list

    Are you going to make it a reef tank too? If you are I would watch what large angel that you put in there. I had a majestic angel and it ate my frogspawn and hammer coral so I would advise that you stick with dwarf angels because I have a flagfin and a flame angel in my reef and they don't...
  18. redman1221

    I'm getting a 750 gal...need ideas!

    My guess is a Golden Puffer.
  19. redman1221

    His back!!! (pics/vid)

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight I actually found him at a LFS up here, Trident Pets in Palm Bay. They usually get cool stuff in, I also have a 'yellow hawkfish' Cirrhitichthys bleekeri from there, which is the only one I've ever seen in stores/online forums. I've seen Lei's offered twice...
  20. redman1221

    takin fish out of a tank????

    Originally Posted by P-Rock973 anybody know how to take a damsel out of a tank without takin all my rock out out its a 12 gallon tank n the fish is fast n goes in the rock Fish trap I think you can find them online or at your LFS.