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  1. mr. limpid

    Mr. Limpid 180gal fish only

    Started this new tank in March of 2017, it is an acrylic 180. I used all my old live rock from my 135 about 160LB the sand is new. I have my old wet dry filter converted into a sump with Chaetomorpha and aqurapure filter. Living in the tank: (2) Mated pair Ocellaris Clownfish, 10 years old...
  2. mr. limpid

    Weird marking on side of Naso Tang

    I have never seen this before see pictures attached. Does anyone have any idea what it is and do I need to be worried? He is in my QT now going on its 3rd week eating well swimming fine 1 small white spot started the same day doesn't look like ick, but I'm watching. Ammonia 0, Nitrate and...
  3. mr. limpid

    Disappearing Cheto

    Added cheto back in november to my sump, 4 months in filled the chamber it was in so I removed a third of it. Since then it has slowly disappeared. Now I only have a very little left. Any ideas why this is happening. Light: 65wat pig tail bulb, daylight on for 12hrs nitrate in tank are 80 FOWLR
  4. mr. limpid

    Dead Penguins - I never knew this!

    Did you ever wonder why there are no dead penguins on the ice in Antarctica ?Where do they go? Wonder no more ! ! ! It is a known fact that the penguin is a very ritualistic bird which lives an extremely ordered and complex life. The penguin is very committed to its family and will mate for...
  5. mr. limpid

    Rate your Heater

    I think one of the most important piece of equipment for us Northerner's is the heater. Since I have stated up my 135 FOWLR I have gone thru 6 heaters, 2 are still running today, 4 jagers and 2 off brands. Currently running a 250wat jager and 1 300w off brand (don't remember the name). My last...
  6. mr. limpid

    First rule of buy fish

    For my Birthday, my son took me to LFS, were I got more LR and a chocolate star fish. First addition in over 2 years. There were 3 in the tank and 2of them looked fine the guy of course grabbed the one that was stuck to the front of the glass which I didn't see. When getting home I noticed that...
  7. mr. limpid

    Eating Krill

    I'm eating Ramen noodles w/ shrimp. Now I know how are fish feel like when we feed them freeze dried foods. My fish will never get freeze dried food again. I can see the mud vain on them .
  8. mr. limpid

    Seth's new Buisness

    Hey Seth why didn't you tell us you were starting up a new business?
  9. mr. limpid

    What the! how much?

    Here is another fish with a price tag that makes you want to go. Pretty but not worth it. Interrupta Angel For a mer $1,799 for 1.5" or $1,949 for 4" must be priced per dot.
  10. mr. limpid

    Hammer Heads Breaking Off

    I have had this head of coral for 8 or 9 years. I just broke off another head it use to have a more than a dozen heads and is now down to 6 heads and a lot of single heads. I just touch it and it breaks off is there something to add to the water to make them more structural sound or is this the...
  11. mr. limpid

    Hair Algae in Refum

    I set up my refum three weeks a go and I have hair algae growing in there, only in refum not in DT. Do I clean it out or let it grow it is a type of macro and my purpose is to lower nitrates? My DT is void of any algae at all since I have three tangs algae doesn't stand a chance to grow.
  12. mr. limpid

    Too much Light

    This a warning to all yes you can have too much light. I final purchased macro algae Gracilaria, green and red. I placed them in my sump with a plant 60wat bulb which is about 6" off surface. After a week and half I noticed tips turning white so replace bulb with 60wat daylight pig tail type...
  13. mr. limpid

    Need a skimmer

    I need a skimmer to be HOB down in my sump and can only have head clearance of 10", to remove collection cup. It will not work in sump because I only have room in first chamber and water level needs to be high about 12". The sump is a wet dry system using bio balls. I've been looking and only...
  14. mr. limpid

    Limpid's Heart Ache

    Well I have been keeping fish now going on 31 years and I still can't get over losing a fish. So to any new comers to this hobby I will give this advice. DO NOT BUY A FISH if any of these items are seen or observed. 1) Doesn't look good (spots; blemishes; torn fins; faded color or darker then...
  15. mr. limpid

    New Game "Find the Fish Tank"

  16. mr. limpid

    Octopus BH2000 skimmer

  17. mr. limpid

    Quick Cure

    Anyone use this product before I did and it worked, its ingredients are Formalin, Malachite Green. My question is that I have a Cream Angle in hypo now for 10 days and the white spots are not falling off and his breathing has gotten a little worse. During eating he scratches his gills. Should I...
  18. mr. limpid

    Fresh water dip macro

    I'm getting some macro from a LFS who keeps it with there fish. So can I fresh water dip the macro to kill off ick with out killing macro?
  19. mr. limpid

    Mr. Limpid's is trying again

    Well went into the LFS last Monday to get some LR and food and saw a Cream Angel. I seen them on line never saw one in person, the pictures below doesn't do it justis. And of course i had to do some research B4 I bought it. After research found out that this would be perfect in my 135 and is a...
  20. mr. limpid

    Show me your LFS

    This a shop that is 20min. from my house. I have bought both the Pakistan Butterflies from them, all my clean up crew and lot of food and other products. I'm a life time member, and get discounts 25% off of fish and 10% of product, which I have made back 3 times fold. So her it is. There 2,500...