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  1. halostalker

    DeMartini's Bonsai Inspired Reef

    Love the tank =P
  2. halostalker


    Love both tanks =P, all the minis are going to Look cool in that tank Who wants to place bets on which mini the Clowns will pick to host!!! lol P.S. i took apart my nano and sold alot of it a while back, but i recently set my nano back up, waiting till the cycle finishes =P
  3. halostalker

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    Woot gratz, your going to have so much fun.
  4. halostalker

    GreenReefer's 24 gallon Aquapod

    Nice Office and great job making it very comfortable for yourself. Cant wait to see how this tank turns out. How are you stocking this, peaceful reef? I recommend some cool inverts. like for starters get some scarlets in their lol then move up down the list you made=P
  5. halostalker

    Coral Keepers 180 gallon reef diary.

    Its so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job so far
  6. halostalker

    3 Gallon Picotope

    If You want a sick Goby, get the Flaming prawn goby, its the most expensive fish per pound=P
  7. halostalker

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    Nice New fish, Yasha is goin to be so cool in there=P Mandarin looking good as usual. wow a separate tank for pods. any details how that goin to work=P So i remember you saying u would only run the HOB sometimes. Do u just leave it on all the time now????? Also what is exactly in it, guessing...
  8. halostalker

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    i would love to see one eat mysis.......i tried with mine but she just ignored it.....
  9. halostalker

    Hello, 1st post, Some pics of my 72 bow

    great looking tank, great job
  10. halostalker

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    yay a Psychedelic Mandarin..... i loved mine too she was so sweet. but just like u i had a huge blowout of pods but that will deff be eliminated with her in their.... i'll give u 2 months before u might not have any pods at all lol. Thats what happen to me, i gave away my little princess, she...
  11. halostalker

    My 28 Gallon JBJ Build..

    great tank=P
  12. halostalker

    any one have or know about jbj nano28 gallon

    Ur landlord suckz, how would he know what u keep in ur apartment anyway.......................move out heheh
  13. halostalker

    KAT74's 14g Biocube Diary

    Miss you Kim=P but hope ur good!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear ur tanks in good hands. Hopefully u enjoy the extra time, we all understand life has its ups and downs. You better pop in here and there on these forums lol=P bye
  14. halostalker

    Can I Drip Acclimate Cleaner Shrimp & Coral Banded Shrimp Together?

    I set up a all invert nano tank. I got a order of about 25plus shrimps and crabs all at the same time. As long as ur water is on par u dont have to really drip aclimate them. What i do is i take the bag that they r in and let it float in the main tank, then after 15min i open the bags and throw...
  15. halostalker

    jbj 28gallon pump died, replace???

    bump still need to buy a pump anyone wana help
  16. halostalker

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    Very nice=P
  17. halostalker

    Red Sea Max 34 gallon...Diary

    everything looks great fantastic job=P I need to get that basket for my 28g Also with running the aquaclear on the back do u get a problem when it goes off and then drains back into the tank really annoying. i tryed it once but then took it off bc it was making to much noise. keep up the great...
  18. halostalker

    Pics from my Europe trip!

  19. halostalker

    Updated Pics, 24g Nano

    great tank peef=P